Fiona Murray

Press Services International

Fiona Murray has a passion for telling stories, both real and fictional, to engage the reader in the greatest hope of all, Jesus Christ. She has been a primary school teacher, teacher aide, personnel administrator for a mission organization and a financial assistant for various community trusts, all of which has grown her love for detail and creativity. Fiona is also undertaking further Bible study from a Messianic Jewish perspective. She is married to Alan, and they live in Selwyn, Canterbury with their children, Abi and Ethan.

  • Faithful

    As I wait for you, maybe I’m made more faithful.

  • Your plans, his purpose

    Do you remember the pick-a-path books many children read all those years ago? You proceeded through the book and read instructions at the bottom of the pages that told you to skip to a particular page number, based on the choice you had made

  • Maui

    Plan. Prepare. Know what is ahead. I could call these words my mantra. My phrase. Who I am in a few words.

  • Life after death

    We know we are mortal. Our lives have a ‘deadline’. Life on earth as we know it will not go on forever (my mind wanders to that well-known song by Freddy Mercury).

  • The journey of the soul

    Did you exist before you existed?

  • Into the deep

    Have you ever swum in choppy water? Or swum in water way too deep for you? Have you tried searching for what lies beneath the surface, but it’s so murky, you can’t see anything?

  • Remembering

    I have often grumbled about our rental home. It’s too small. There’s not enough space for everything. The kitchen can only have one person in it. It’s simply too cluttered.

  • Life lessons from nature

    Nature is full of lessons. Lessons that teach us so much about living. How to live with ourselves. How to live with others.

  • The Jewishness of Jesus

    Let’s enter another world for a moment. A world that is often far removed from our own. An age that is from long ago, yet still resonates with us today. A time and culture that is so often foreign to us yet impacts our lives now.

  • Wait

    Too many times in our lives, we are in a hurry.