Haydn Lea

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Haydn Lea is an Ordained Minister, and is currently serving as an Air Force Chaplain in Adelaide. He is married to Shamsa Lea, is the father of Amira, and loves running, boxing and studying history and theology. Haydn describes himself as a five-point Calvinist, but he recognises that many faithful Christians disagree. Thankfully he isn’t a cage-stage Calvinist about it all.

  • Ignore the church fathers at our peril

    I wrote some time ago about an interesting church history anecdote: Saint Nicholas (Santa) punched Arius for advocating a heretical Christology.  Since then, there is one overwhelming comment that I have consistently received: “I’d never heard that before”.

  • A murderous adulterer after God’s own heart

    Without having the statistics to back me up, I feel like most adults in Australia would have heard of King David in some way or another.

  • No, not the movie 'Atonement'

    Although it is coming up to September, Christmas items are slowly appearing in shopping centres.

  • Confession – historical theological term

     I have been thinking rather frequently about confessions of faith and what place, if any, they have in the lives of modern believers. Now, in a piece on confessions, I feel I should start with a confession of my own. I am a… Baptist.

  • The Passion of Perpetua and Felicity

    I think it is fair to say that there are not many things more remarkable than a parent’s love. I remember a time when my eldest daughter was a baby, and I went to put her to sleep. When I went to leave her room, I realised that something was wrong with the door, and it would not open. I called out to my wife to try opening it from her end, but it was no good.

  • The other unforgivable sin—can a Christian drink alcohol?

    Once upon a time, I wrote an articleabout a time I was chastised for my tattoos while preaching at a small country church. I pondered then whether tattoos were seen as the ‘unforgivable sin’ in many Christian circles.

  • ANZAC  -  serving in the military

    Next week the nation observes ANZAC Day in Australia. I serve as an RAAF chaplain based in Adelaide and served in Afghanistan in the military. Each year I find myself reflecting on what April 25 represents.

  • Misnomer

    As a Pastor, people often ask me how they are supposed to interpret the biblical passages that they read. Traditionally, there are two contrasting methods we see in practice: exegesis and eisegesis.

  • The doctrines of grace—part two

    In my most recent article, I began to speak about the doctrines of grace, or five-points of Calvinism, known as TULIP. As a reminder, TULIP is a summary of the Reformed view of salvation, and stands for Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of the Saints.

  • The doctrines of grace—Part 1

    As the year draws on, we find that we have suddenly passed the oft-celebrated date of October 31. For some, this date marked Halloween, or the culmination of ‘spooky month’.