Jason LaLone

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Jason LaLone was on staff at YWAM Brisbane and is currently in America working with Truro Anglican Church located in Fairfax, Virginia. He is passionate about discipleship, taking Jesus’ command to make disciples a practical reality that he can live on a daily basis. He loves lasagna, cats and used to dislike Mondays, making him most like Garfield.

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  • From a Wrestling Christian –Do words have power?

    As an American I was sitting on the shore of Australia, which is quite exciting when you’re home is on the other side of the world.

  • A world of possibilities

    In 2009 I graduated from a small Christian University in Nashville Tennessee. The world at my fingertips, a bachelor’s degree in my pocket and a road to success that was waiting to be found. My worldview was wrapped up in a business culture of money, cars, houses, entrepreneurship and climbing a corporate ladder to get there.

  • What I’ve learned from the stock market that applies to real life

    Ever since the pandemic started, I was able to work from home. I’ve had the opportunity to research the stock market a little more than usual and put into practice the things that I researched.

  • Difficult decisions in a crisis

    Constant change seems to be a consistent theme of this new Covid Era. Is it ironic that the only thing I can rely on is steady change?

  • Taboo subjects from the heart of America

    I currently live 30 minutes from Washington D.C. or in other words, I live 30 minutes from the political capital of the United States. Where lines are drawn, ideas are weapons and unity is talked about as if there’s actually a hope of it happening.

  • Thoughts on passing the time and re-opening

    It seems that people have many different ideas on how the world should begin to re-open. It varies from those who think that staying at home is killing the economy or doing more harm to the people that suffer from depression than the virus is actually doing.

  • A thought about Sabbath during a pandemic

    The world of Covid-19 has dramatically changed what we call “normal life”. Sure our Netflix shows give us a sense of normalcy, but what happens when we have exhausted all of our options for things to watch on a screen? And more importantly, what happens to all the extroverts that are now dealing with an introverts world?

  • How to healthily participate in an age of distraction

    We live in a world of distractions. Each company is vying for our attention and is trying to come up with the most effective way to get it.

  • Being present in an age of distraction

    Currently I’m struggling with creating boxes for myself in different areas of my life. Are boxes inherently a good thing or a bad thing?  Here are some of my different boxes: work, spiritual life (relationship with God), relationships with others, home life, future, money, etc…

  • From a wresting Christian – How can I trust God again?

    I wrote a previous article dealing with my issues of trust in God. I was hoping that revealing a small portion of my wrestling would allow me to progress through this state of mind more quickly. That talking about my issues would free me from the thoughts trapped in the depths. And it did, at least for a short while.