Jason LaLone

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Jason LaLone was on staff at YWAM Brisbane and is currently in America working with Truro Anglican Church located in Fairfax, Virginia. He is passionate about discipleship, taking Jesus’ command to make disciples a practical reality that he can live on a daily basis. He loves lasagna, cats and used to dislike Mondays, making him most like Garfield.

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  • From a wrestling Christian – Where’s our community?

    Community has always been a topic of conversation, especially if you have lived in the church world for any amount of time. Actually, the whole goal of most ministries should be to create a thriving community. It’s something that the secular culture has shaped and molded as the church has been on the sideline. As the culture has shifted and as people have become more isolated, the church is left wondering how to create real and lasting community.

  • Multi-Tasking, Authenticity and a poem

    I’m a self-diagnosed multi-tasker. It’s almost impossible, at any given time, to find me only doing one thing. I have to be doing multiple things at once or at least be thinking about numerous things in any given moment, it’s just the way my mind works. In a strange way, it actually helps my mind to focus or to come alive and start to create new thoughts.

  • Wrestling Christian – Our identity vs The Enneagram

    I recently have immersed myself in the Enneagram. My Instagram is filled with quotes, memes and descriptions of each number.

  • Wrestling Christian – Our identity vs The Enneagram

    WARNING: If you don’t know anything about the Enneagram then this post may not make that much sense. I would recommend researching and perhaps taking the Enneagram test which gives each person a number between 1 and 9. It has helped me in a variety of ways to understand myself as well as the people around me. Let’s begin.

  • Wrestling Christian – What about relationships (and the Enneagram)?

    Currently, the young adult group at my church is going through a series on relationships. Not specifically dating or romantic, but how we approach and live out the myriads of different relationships in our lives. It’s been interesting to dive into the recesses of my own mind, and try to get to the “why” behind the different actions I take when it comes to my acquaintances.

  • From a wresting Christian – What to do with losing trust in God?

    What happens when one prays, hopes and expects for an outcome that, not only is not met, but the exact opposite happens?

  • From a wresting Christian – What about the Father?

  • From a wresting Christian – What about worship?

    Up to this point, in my wrestling with God, I have written about prayer, the Bible and God not responding. My spiritual life has had moments of glory followed by many more moments of struggle and sometimes it seems that there is no rest for the weary.

  • From a wresting Christian – What about the devil?

    I’ve been on a journey with God that has been hopeful at best and strenuous and tiresome at worst. A good analogy, used millions of times by writers, is that of hiking a long and arduous trail.

  • A look on productivity - Why am I always tired? (PSI Best of 2018)

    Sometimes I just need coffee. Let me rephrase: Most times I need coffee. If someone took an outside look at my life, I would gander a guess that it would seem my life revolves around that hot, caffeine filled liquid.