Jeremy Dover

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Jeremy Dover is a former sports scientist and Pastor

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  • The god of Victory

    Few would have guessed that a hard-working business graduate and his track coach would start a company with $1000 back in 1972.

  • “I am a woman trapped in a man’s body”

    If you were living 100 years ago and heard this statement, you would likely say that the person has a problem with their mind. Their mind needs to be brought back into line with their body.

  • Covid fake news

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  • World Cup Football & Politics

    The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been a honeypot for protests. Our Australian Socceroos started the ball rolling early with a video calling out the Muslim nation over human rights abuses.

  • Needing more than Jesus  

    The math does not make sense, but the truth of the equation is essential: When you add to Jesus, you actually subtract from Him.

  • The Queen’s Faith

    Queen Elizabeth’s faith has often been talked about. She mentioned it herself in many speeches, that her faith was an “anchor” and that she was a follower of Jesus. However, what did her faith look like in practice?

  • The REAL Footy Heroes

    Australia is immersed in the festival of the boot with AFL and NRL football grand finals. Along with the premierships there are awards for best and fairest players, best coaches, and best on ground.

  • Prayer should be the steering wheel, not the spare tyre? 

    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, church services used to include a time of congregational prayer. No, not a 10 second prayer in between the songs but a solid 5 to 10 minutes of concentrated prayer giving praise and presenting requests to the God who hears.

  • Jesus & Archery

    Do you know the link between the sport of archery and faith? Read on. The Bible is full of archery stories. From numerous battles with archers off leashing their terror on enemies through to Jonathan shooting a warning arrow to his friend David, the archer has had special place in the Bible.

  • Visionary with a heart for athletes: Mark Tronson

    Rev. Dr. Mark Tronson died Monday 4th July. This extraordinary man had a heart for the people of sport and transformed many aspects of sporting community.