Jesse Moore

Press Service International

Jesse Moore draws from the Bible and classical literature for insight into life’s tough questions. He is currently studying at university to become a film-maker.

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  • The left and the placebo effect of self-reason

    The placebo effect is a treatment used by medical practitioners and psychologists for over a hundred years.

  • Beware the ides of January?

    The news and media would have you believe the violence in America was incited and only began on Wednesday with the storming of the Capitol building.

  • Second-hand revelations

    As a kid it was always fun to use the phrase “Mum said” or “Dad told me” against your siblings to fool them into doing something that Mum definitely did not say and Dad absolutely didn’t tell you.

  • How the Presidential election could reveal more than a new leader

    The grim perception of Biden/ Harris winning the 2020 US Election seemed to be enough to set Donald Trump on another purge to save the American people from a possible four years of democratic governance.

  • One bad apple

    It’s the season for citrus fruits. I find it amazing that at this time of year coming into winter, God provides these fruits in season to give us the vitamin C we need to keep us healthy throughout the colder months.  

  • Redeeming culture

    If you’ve ever tried to build a sandcastle in the middle of a hurricane then you’re pretty weird but you would also know exactly what it feels like to be disheartened by modern culture. Often the incremental steps taken by Christians to change culture and politics can be completely overhauled by secularity and contemporary values; it seems that every step forward we take ends up being five steps backwards.

  • Use it or lose it

    In high school, our physical education teacher would tell us “use it or lose it”. Of course, he meant use your muscles or lose your muscles. I’ll admit, I was pretty motivated by this approach to scare us into pushing ourselves harder at sport, especially since whatever muscle I did have, I was not prepared to lose it for not running an extra ten metres.

  • Take Time to Have Time

    For months I had known that my family planned to take a trip to New Zealand half-way through the Uni semester, providing me with plenty of time to complete any assessment due. Much like Tim Urban, the Ted Talk presenter in the attached video, I kept pushing it back telling myself “It’ll be right” and thinking that in a week I will somehow have better willpower or be older and wiser to complete the assessment at a higher standard.

  • Posting in the name of…

    If you’ve been watching the news for the past week, you would’ve noticed the very quick escalation in protests around George Floyd’s murder by police officer Derek Chauvin.

  • Faith for fear

    I’ve often wondered what book of the Bible people in the past have held onto the most during seasons of war, plagues and uncertainty. But I suppose it’s like asking which virtue is the most important to a Christian that they use it when in the most danger, as if it were a weapon.