Jesse Moore

Press Service International

Jesse Moore draws from the Bible and classical literature for insight into life’s tough questions. He is currently studying at university to become a film-maker.

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  • The privilege of not caring

    It’s 4pm in the afternoon, the voter walks towards a public hall scouting out the obstacles before them. Two red soldiers to the left of the entrance, a team of blue knights riding taxpayer funded horses on the right, and in between; a rag-tag team of yellow& orange, a shoeless green and teal warriors await the intimidated voter.

  • The posture of a nation

    In Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, he breaks down the reason why many get bullied at a young age, surprisingly it’s not because the victim had done anything to deserve it or because the bully found some sense of justice in their belittling.

  • Second-hand revelations

    As a kid it was always fun to use the phrase “Mum said” or “Dad told me” against your siblings to fool them into doing something that Mum definitely did not say and Dad absolutely didn’t tell you.

  • The religious discrimination debate and desire for unconditional belonging

    Hezekiah was credited with bringing worship of Yahweh back into Judah. The instructions that were given to him and every other King were to remove the high places which were places of elevated worship.

  • Take Time to Have Time

    For months I had known that my family planned to take a trip to New Zealand half-way through the Uni semester, providing me with plenty of time to complete any assessment due. Much like Tim Urban, the Ted Talk presenter in the attached video, I kept pushing it back telling myself “It’ll be right” and thinking that in a week I will somehow have better willpower or be older and wiser to complete the assessment at a higher standard.

  • The COVID social economy

  • Get out of your own way

  • A sign of the times

    When it comes to the book of Revelation and any mention of end-times in the Bible, many choose to differ on deep translation or theological interpretations on verses that can lose their relevancy and message due to over analysation.

  • It’s all in the way you say it

    I was chatting to someone recently about current political matters. Once it was established that I was a Christian, the conversation turned into a debate and I was now supposed to defend the views of Christianity as well as my own.

  • In Scomo we trust

    There’s a common theme that rears its head in Christian discussions as of late, and it’s the polarising belief that the vaccine either is or definitely isn’t the mark of the beast from revelation. I couldn’t comment either way on this thought but rather I can now see how this would open a heavy door for such a time in history to be realised.