Jesse Moore

Press Service International

Jesse Moore draws from the Bible and classical literature for insight into life’s tough questions. He is currently studying at university to become a film-maker.

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  • The COVID social economy

  • Get out of your own way

  • A sign of the times

    When it comes to the book of Revelation and any mention of end-times in the Bible, many choose to differ on deep translation or theological interpretations on verses that can lose their relevancy and message due to over analysation.

  • It’s all in the way you say it

    I was chatting to someone recently about current political matters. Once it was established that I was a Christian, the conversation turned into a debate and I was now supposed to defend the views of Christianity as well as my own.

  • In Scomo we trust

    There’s a common theme that rears its head in Christian discussions as of late, and it’s the polarising belief that the vaccine either is or definitely isn’t the mark of the beast from revelation. I couldn’t comment either way on this thought but rather I can now see how this would open a heavy door for such a time in history to be realised.

  • Three Things to learn from Jackie Robinson: Part one

    If you’ve never heard of Jackie Robinson, he was the very first African-American player to be integrated into Major League Baseball in 1947. As a skilled athlete his ability was rarely questioned when considered for coloured teams; his track record was ideal as a devoted Christian, husband, veteran, and educated college man. On paper Jackie Robinson was the type of player that major teams would fight over, had he not been black.

  • Faith for fear

    I’ve often wondered what book of the Bible people in the past have held onto the most during seasons of war, plagues and uncertainty. But I suppose it’s like asking which virtue is the most important to a Christian that they use it when in the most danger, as if it were a weapon.

  • Is this the world you want?

    At this present moment in time, allegations of sexual misconduct by a staffer in Parliament House have reignited and further stoked the call for justice; and this is justified.

  • The left and the placebo effect of self-reason

    The placebo effect is a treatment used by medical practitioners and psychologists for over a hundred years.

  • Beware the ides of January?

    The news and media would have you believe the violence in America was incited and only began on Wednesday with the storming of the Capitol building.