Jhonelle McIntosh

Press Services International

Jhenelle has been a born again Christian for almost 17 years. She is grateful for the opportunity given by the Lord to mix all her passions, dreams, giftings and skills together. 

  • Down but not out: 3 steps in finding the courage to get back up

    Back to the ground, eyes closed, face bruised, mouth guard tossed.

  • C is for…

    Balancing life can be hard.

  • Do you have the fizz?

    Have you ever been fascinated by fizzy drinks (more popularly known as soft drinks or soda)? Like, how do they get it “fizzy”?

  • The pursuit of treasure

    I’m a church kid, a pastor’s daughter in fact and so I’m acquainted with the ins and outs of church life. I am always grateful that my parents made it a top priority in their parenting to lead us to a personal relationship with God. Through no fault of my parents, in my teenage years I got caught being busy with church work.

  • What’s good for me

    I’ve been resisting the tendency to divulge the contents of my journal in every submission

  • The discipline of intimacy

    “Christianity is a relationship not a religion.” We hear this phrase all the time and many catchy variations have made their way unto Christian paraphernalia.

  • Loving Jesus

    If someone asked if I loved Jesus, I’d quickly say yes. After all, isn’t that the crux of my Christianity? I’ve been a Christian “all my life”, born into the church by full-time ministers, who encouraged a personal relationship with God beyond the traditions of the church.

  • What really matters

  • Honouring Honesty

  • The answer