Jo Fuller

Press Service International

Jo Fuller lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with her husband, son and daughter.  Jo is a teacher with an education in journalism and early childhood who loves to spend time with her family and enjoys reading and writing whenever she can.

  • Rhythm of Rest

    To find a rhythm of rest sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

  • Follow Me

    ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.’ (see Matthew 4:18-20)

  • All of life as worship

    We can often compartmentalise our lives into the ‘spiritual’ and ‘natural’. Some have referred to it as the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’.

  • The dreaded dentist

    You would think after enduring a mammoth and rather traumatising labour just a few months ago that I would have overcome all my fears and feel ready to face absolutely any challenge to come my way, right? Well not exactly in my case.

  • On wisdom

    The Word places high importance on wisdom. Both on acquiring godly wisdom and understanding.

  • On Faith

    Faith is the basis of our spiritual journey with God. As a child we have a somewhat simple belief system. We tend to trust more easily and believe more freely.

  • Heroes, heroines, slaying dragons and life’s epic journey

    Every great adventure story usually includes a hero or heroine heading out on an epic journey to conquer some evil enemy. While on said journey, they usually face many personal fears, slay fire-breathing dragons, meet some colourful characters, almost die once or twice before rising victorious right at the end when they finally reach their destination.

  • Book Review: Promise Keeper

    Elise Pappas’ latest book, Promise Keeper, is an inspirational and deeply impacting story that will both encourage and strengthen your faith.

  • Do you know who you are?

    There seems to be a major identity crisis occurring in our world.

  • The Preparation Years

    What do Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and William H. Harrison all have in common?