John Yates

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The Rev. Dr John Yates is an Anglican minister in Perth and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. He spends time in praying, mentoring and writing.John Yates’s previous articles may be viewed at

  • Comfort

    An old term of derision about Western society is that we are mostly “comfortable middle class”. Generally, the mass of Australians are well clothed, well fed and have good shelter.

  • Identification

  • Killing God

  • Between Time and Eternity

    Recently I read an article on the impact of high-speed technology on our culture, particularly on young people. These words grasped my attention: “The culture surrounding technology is obsessed with efficiency, and hatred for time consuming eats away at us like flesh-eating bacteria, Infinite abysses can be filled only by infinite objects in infinite time.” (Justin Kim).

  • Beyond All Measure

    In his prayers for us in Ephesians 3, Paul piles up terms designed to intensify the impact of his intercessions.

  • Too Busy for the Spirit

    A famous 20th century revival was in Azusa St, Los Angeles (1906). As the birthplace of modern Pentecostalism its significance is inestimable.

  • Discerning the Call

    It’s not unusual to meet sincere Christians confused about which course of action to take to fulfil the will of God in their lives

  • The Wonderful Exchange

    One particularly intense way of describing our salvation keeps repeating itself in the history of theology. The second century author of the Letter to Diognetus calls it “the sweet exchange”, the great Reformers, Luther and Calvin, refer to it as “the wonderful exchange”.

  • The Secret of Fruit Bearing

    When Paul exhorts the Philippians, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” (chapter 4 verse17), he shifts the focus from material giving to eternal things.

  • Made to See

    Rick Warren famously began his bestselling The Purpose Driven Life with, “It’s not about you”.