John Yates

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The Rev. Dr John Yates is an Anglican minister in Perth and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. He spends time in praying, mentoring and writing.John Yates’s previous articles may be viewed at

  • Look Again: Transfiguration for Today

    One of my persistent challenges to the contemporary Church, at least in its Westernised forms, is its miniaturised perspective on Jesus.

  • Accumulated Glory

    I am not a big fan of movies with a “Christian” message because they are often thinly veiled propaganda.

  • Order! Order!

    Anyone listening to ABC broadcasts of Federal Parliament would be familiar with the leader of the House proclaiming “Order!” to restore a semblance of dignity amidst pandemonium, disrespect, and sheer childishness.

  • Confession and Community

    Very rarely does anyone notice that no sinful person was permitted to see the actual resurrection event. There are profound reasons for this.

  • Need: divine and human

    One of the blatant problems of contemporary Western Christianity is that we are far more self-centred than God/Christ-centred.

  • Our Problem

    Whilst disposed to seemingly harmless little meanderings of the mind, these deeply grieve the Spirit of our Father.

  • Prophetic Testimony

    Visiting a then mentor, who had seen several revivals in Pakistan under his ministry, he commented that “prophetic preaching” would bring revival to Australia.

  • Holy Living

    Today we are witnessing a wave of younger people, probably in their 30’s by the time they are matured in self-discerning, aware that they lack fathers and mothers in God.

  • Inconvenient

    A local Pentecostal pastor recently remarked to me, that whilst the numbers in his congregation were quite steady week by week, there was always a significant rollover.

  • Another Coming

    Theologians refer to the Second Coming of Jesus as the Parousia, a Greek term with rich associations in first century culture referring to “presence” or “coming”.