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  • The Forgotten Gift

  • Walk the Talk

  • A Real Revelation

    Beginning from the end is something we unconsciously do when seeing things in hindsight. Whether reading a beloved novel just to see how the story ends, or taking a sneak peak at the final page of a bill to know the total amount, what comes before is always the means to an end. Yet we never quite understand the finality of an ending, until we know the origin of the beginning.

  • The Right Call

    Certain moments in life are often unpredictable; especially when we are called upon to make a choice that can impact not only our life, but the lives of others. It is in such moments that we make a decision that marks a turning point, a point of no return.

  • Beat the Odds

    When we think of life stories, people can tell the beginning from the end, especially when a story is quite predictable. The thing is, not everyone’s story is the same. Each person is unique, and oftentimes, the element of change can make all the difference.

  • Hope in Despair

    In life, there are often defining moments which either make or break you, not just as a person, but your entire life trajectory. These moments in life are often not in your control but can be the very moments which shape your character, for the better.

  • Coronavirus and India’s Rapid Rate

    It seems like a few months ago when the New Year began; and the reason to hope again was plainly palpable. Yet looking back on the last few months, it is difficult to imagine the state of the coronavirus pandemic and it’s increasing surge across the world, especially in countries such as Brazil, the United States, and currently, in the nation of India.

  • Son of the South

    Since the beginning of time, humanity has always yearned to be free. Despite this common sentiment, not everyone in history has been afforded this God-given right. In fact, there are individuals, even entire communities, who have been deprived of freedom, and have been forced to fight for certain rights that we in modern society now take for granted.

  • The Penitent Thief

    Have you ever wondered why things seem clearer when looking at circumstances from a different perspective?

  • Redefining Greatness

    From an early age, the need to be “great” was often drilled into me from the get-go. I was often told that I had to be greater than the generation before me, I had to be great at academics at school, and eventually, to be great at my profession, whatever that was.