Joseph Kolapudi

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  • Becoming Unstoppable

    This year has certainly been a whirlwind of uncertainty; from a global pandemic to outspoken protests, and everything in between, things seem to have spiralled out of control.

  • Between two Worlds

    As a young child, I often thought about the differences I had to my peers, rather than the similarities. Nowadays, people still ask me why I am so different.

  • Writing the Unwritten

    Joseph Kolapudi led a plenary at the 2020 young writer conference -  Joseph is a young writer who currently serves with the international mission agency, ReachAcross.

  • Saintified

    For many of us, the word “saint” probably wouldn’t be the best description of our character. All of us struggle with the circumstances we find ourselves in, the changes that happen to us, sometimes out of the blue, and the curveballs that life throws our way.

  • Excellence is a great Evangelist

    When we look at the world today, our immediate reaction is often to focus on the negative. Flicking through news feeds, endless updates regarding natural disasters or man-made ones, or even the latest trends and newest technologies which tend to have inevitable flaws

  • We Fall to Rise

    Facing the times that we find ourselves in, we often have more questions than answers. I know I do. There are other times, however, where we believe we have everything figured out, but things don’t always seem to go according to plan.

  • Hope at Home

    There are times in life when we expect the expected; but what happens in the unexpected moments when we are surprised by circumstances beyond belief? It is in these moments when we need hope the most.

  • When Opportunities Arise

    Hope in desperate times seems to be quite a rare quality that many have a hard time finding. When we consider the current times we are living in, despair seems to be the obvious option—oftentimes, due to the inevitability of things going wrong.

  • The Opposite of Poverty

    Injustice. One of the things that strikes most people about this word is that it creates a sense of discomfort.

  • A New Shift