Josh Hinds

Press Service International

Josh Hinds is a school chaplain and an experienced international sport writer, now in his 9th year as a Christian Today sport writer.

  • Changing of the guard in Sport

    In all sports, illustrated graphically in Rugby at this present time, there is a changing of the guard.

  • Winners and grinners

    It is Football final series  -  AFL and NFL  -  the Rugby World Cup  -  the Hockey finals -  and whoever else  -  we can voucher that winners are grinners.

  • Footy season running to tune

    The footy season is running to tune – we’re talking three codes

  • Family fun sports

  • State of Origin

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge has a blue flag flying high, the Storey  Bridge in Brisbane has a maroon flag similarly.

  • Olympics more than sport

    The media 'hype the Olympics' and all the various sporting events especially the golden events such as the 100 metres blue ribbon track and field along with the swimming events.

  • Sport injuries nearing the end of a career

    Should the reader be a sports officiardo, the list of names of those in top sport nearing the end of their careers who have retired early will be familiar.

  • Australian Sport continues to sell its soul to the highest bidder

    We consider ourselves in Oz to be the leaders in sport, we love smashing the Yanks and the Poms and reminding them of our sweet victories.

  • 2019 NBA All Star Preview

    The big overhyped powder puff event in the calendar year is about to roll around again. The 2019 All Star game is predicably going to be like every other All Star game before it, all show and no go.

  • Women’s Sport on top

    Australia has continued with its rich history of women's sport, look at recent events with the women’s cricketers, the hockeyroos, the soccer and netball, the AFL and Rugby girls, Summer and Winter Olympics …..  the list goes on.