Josiah Gray

Press Service International

Josiah Gray lives in Logan City, Australia. He is currently studying teaching at Christian Heritage College and is committed to telling the story of Jesus to the next generation. Josiah’s previous articles may be viewed at:

  • Check your footing

  • A Sacrifice of Praise

  • The Search for Everything

    Everyone’s looking for something. Whether it be in the form of love, acceptance, stability, peace, joy, excitement or purpose—they all want something to fill a lacking area in their life.

  • Shine Bright

    “Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticise you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Hold firmly to the word of life…” Philippians Chapter 2 Verses 14-16 NLT.

  • “Embrace the pain”

    One of the most predictable things human beings are likely to suffer is pain. If there is objective truth, it’s that The Lord of the Rings is the best film series ever made, and that anyone who has lived has experienced pain of some kind.

  • “A woman can’t lead!”

    The Bible seems such a great source of knowledge. It reaches for a scope and scale of things grand and vast and explores the hidden depths of the human psyche. If it weren’t for a few pesky passages, I imagine many more would be reading it.

  • Deprived of Depravity, or, the Closeness of Pain

    We all have a different response when we’re in pain. Some of us shrivel up and hide. Some of us strike back at the world, intending to cause the same hurt that was caused to us. And some of us simply ask why. As if in questioning the universe, it will somehow answer back.

  • The Laws of Leviticus – A reflection on the most boring book of the Bible

    We have all made that same proclamation; “This year, I will read the whole Bible cover to cover!”. And we have all failed miserably at it

  • How to leave a church

    There’s no ‘correct’ way to leave a church. No perfect time to move on. Countless young people I have met describe to me a span of time they have spent ‘church-hopping’, and when I ask why this has been the case, they explain to me the ways they’ve been hurt by a certain church they used to be committed to – one that they poured their hearts into and felt they had been burned by in the end.

  • Grace never subtracts

    Grace adds, it never subtracts. Most people, when they read Genesis, are likely to fall into thinking about whether or not the universe was created in seven literal days.