Kalli Hendrickson

Press Service International

Kalli Hendrickson is a Press Service International young writer from Brisbane and now in the USA.

Kalli was born in the beautiful State of Montana, USA. She works doing freelance Graphic Design, and is a teacher studying to gain school counseling licensure. 

  • The tailored tales of an art teacher

    Before I was a teacher, I was a business woman.

  • Déjà vu & Disney

    I found myself walking around Disneyland, an unexpected gift from a friend. The last time I had been I was 7 years old.

  • The kind God we are missing

    It occurred to me, that I have come alongside a lot of people in the “what should I do?” seasons with a similar tension. Is it me choosing and God blesses my steps or is it that I need to lay my life down and wait for God to direct me? God loves dichotomies because He’s never one for rules I think. It comes down to heart postures which is why hearing God for yourself and having peace with decisions is key.

  • Authenticity as a character trait, not an overused word

    I used to wonder, as a teen, why on earth anyone would want to teach high school. While in it, I was a master at blending: smart, but not noticeable, friendly, but not popular, but definitely not unpopular.

  • Another look at millennials – I am one

    As an American millennial, I have an intrinsic hunger to chase influence, influential people, and Instagram-able moments.

  • Crossing over from strangers to friends

    I was waiting in the terminal line to board a plane, when one little boy ahead of me started chatting to the man behind him.

  • Harnessing the millennial in the wind

    As an American millennial, I have an intrinsic hunger to chase influence, influential people, and Instagram-able moments. I long for a story that is different, unique, and in some ways, better. Millennials are known for our global humanitarian efforts: we chose to work in organizations with good causes and we buy products with a cause because it’s trendy and yet powerful.

  • Parallels between teaching, marketing, and songwriting

    In songwriting, a major theme is making sure that the whole of the song is one main point or theme. Marketers must condense mission or vision statements and come up with the perfect one-line catch phrase for branding purposes.

  • Self-harm in adolescents and how we got here

    What if all of life’s problems stem from relationships?

  • What beauty is really about

    Here in Montana, it is common for people to come to the mountains to look for part of themselves. Some even go as far to admit they are searching for healing. Something in nature draws our hearts and that something is beauty. Depending on where you live, mountains, valleys, or sea there is a reminder all around us.