Kelly Thompson

Press Services International

Kelly Thompson is the newest member of the Sports journalist team. Kelly currently plays AFL for Casey Demons in the VFLW, and practices what she preaches as a HOPE (Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education) Teacher in Melbourne’s southeast.

  • The FIFA Women’s World Cup: Australia’s Coverage is lacking

    The FIFA Women's World Cup is a prestigious international event that showcases the best female soccer talents from around the globe. However, despite its significance and growing popularity, the Women's World Cup faces significant challenges in terms of exposure in hosting countries Australia and New Zealand.

  • Margaret Court

    Heralded as the greatest female tennis players ever, Margaret Court is a home-grown champion who was the first women to ever win a Grand Slam (that is all four major titles in the one calendar year), as both a younger player and later as a mother.

  • Liddell, Bannister, Court and McDermott.

    These names may mean nothing to you, you may have heard of one or two, or you might know their stories.

  • Play, Sport and Exercise

    “Go play outside and play with your siblings.”

  • Oh Good Grief!

    “Oh Good Grief!” Is a quote often used in surprise or acclamation. “Oh good grief! Is that the time already?!” 

  • Scabs or Scars

    I enjoyed watching an old show called Tattoo Nightmares. The show based around an ink parlour that would help save people’s tattoos who had been ill-inked or the result of a poor decision.

  • Show me a straight river

    I can’t lay claim to this title, nor lay claim to have read the book it comes from. I heard about this book on a podcast by the author and the theme of it has been bouncing around in my head ever since.

  • Ready, Set, Goal! AFLW Season 7

    Season seven of the AFLW League is set to kick off August 25th at 7:10pm with rival clubs; Carlton vs Collingwood battling it out at Ikon Park to start this season.

  • AFLW: The Draft

    The AFLW Season 7 has some new players! Clubs and athletes who have joined the ranks.

  • The Sabbath. To Rest.

    Too many people in my world seem to be burdened with life at the moment and especially with work. Weeks are busy and full with, important meetings, and after-school extra-curricular events