Kimberley Salmon

Press Services International

Kimberley Salmon from Jamaica West Indies is a praise and worship leader who remains passionate about touching hearts through singing and writing as she thrives to become a published author of Christian women’s fiction. She loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is grateful for God’s saving grace which continues to transform her life. As a senior Press Service International Columnist, she is elated that she can now share her journey with God with the world. 

  • God friended me

    He was about eleven years old and was painfully aware that his mother was dying of cancer. His father is a Reverend and he was constantly praying for his mother’s healing.

  • Better than you imagined

    How do you view change? Is it something that you look forward to, or does it give you hives? For me, it usually depends on what it is. I love travel, so if it involves a new place, I am usually up for that adventure. If it’s something more every day, I tend to get anxious.

  • A call for compassion

    My heart and life was overwhelmed and I was ultimately tired of explaining my plight to another Christian who would just quote a well-known scripture and tell me what sounded right.

  • Already chosen

  • Basic instructions before leaving earth?

    My first editionI believe my first Bible was give to me for use in school by y parents. Living in Jamaica, a Bible was ...

  • Thou preparest a table before me

    In the past year lots of things have changed for us as humans. Amidst covid-19, life has taken on a whole new normal.

  • That redeeming love…

    Have you ever read the book of Hosea? The story is not your average love story, but it holds a profound meaning in the Kingdom of God.

  • Order my steps…

    Have you ever applied for a job, got the interview, did exceptionally well in it, then was told you did not get the job?

  • Adopted sons

    What is the first thought that pops into your mind when you think of the word adoption? For different people it may mean different things and convey differing emotions.

  • The Bridgerton effect

    Though not a Christian series, the Netflix period drama, Bridgerton reminded me of that time when honour and duty governed society.