Kristen Dang

Press Service International

Kristen is a family doctor who loves music, writing and anything artsy. She lives withher husband and daughter in Adelaide and writes a regular blog (lostnowfoundk) onlife with God. Her second blog (lilyofthevalleysk), aims to share her love for Jesusthrough the creative arts. See Kristen’s other articles at:

  • Story of the sunflower

  • As the season changes

  • The gift and the giver

    We walked to the car, and our daughter saw the gifts wrapped and stacked inside. “Wow!” She exclaimed, her eyes wide in wonder. Over the next week, she unwrapped her gifts and read her cards, remembering the names of friends who had celebrated her birthday.

  • Basis of identity

    Culture, heritage, family, life experience. There are so many things that contribute to how we see ourselves and our place in the world.

  • Let go my child

    Our daughter will be starting at the early learning centre soon, and I have been nervous about the many changes this will involve; drop offs and pick ups, lunchbox packing and just the difference of not spending all day together.

  • The heart behind closed doors

    How do we define our faith and check in on our spiritual health? Do we measure faith by feelings, by interpersonal feedback, life blessings, checklists of spiritual deeds or disciplines?

  • Love at first and last sight

    There’s something about a good love story; the kind that overcomes all sorts of trouble and ends happily ever after.

  • Village of fellowship

    I cannot count every moment of encouragement or learning shared with others, but know they have all had an important impact on our family life.

  • To be a witness

    How do we represent Christ in the secular world? In one respect, this is a non-question; the way we live should remain constant as it reveals what we hold true in our hearts.

  • Unrepayable

    A gift is given joyfully, with no expectation of repayment.