Kristen Dang

Press Service International

Kristen is a family doctor who loves music, writing and anything artsy. She lives withher husband and daughter in Adelaide and writes a regular blog (lostnowfoundk) onlife with God. Her second blog (lilyofthevalleysk), aims to share her love for Jesusthrough the creative arts. See Kristen’s other articles at:

  • Unrepayable

    A gift is given joyfully, with no expectation of repayment.

  • Covered in Christ

    In the midst of their shame, fear and sin, He covered them. In the midst of their suffering and judgement, He covered them.

  • Beyond willpower

    The gift of free will is powerful, and the strength of human willpower has been demonstrated many times throughout history. Yet willpower alone cannot accomplish everything. Where willpower wanes, we see a need for something beyond human strength. Hope; and it is hope in God and His ability to heal, restore and make new that is most powerful.

  • Chosen to cheer

    Alicia Britt Chole’s book, “Anonymous: Jesus’ hidden years and yours…”, references a story about a boy who eagerly desires a part in the school play. He auditions but does not get a role. Yet, to his parents’ surprise, the boy is not disheartened by the news but instead looks bright and cheery.

  • Growing through parenthood

    Our first year of parenthood has been exciting, challenging and full of wonderful memories. We have learnt to be adaptable, flexible and to embrace change and new skills. The journey continues, and I am encouraged that God knows what lies ahead and will lead us every step of the way.

  • A new day

    Situations beyond our control, words spoken that cannot be taken back, regrets, worries, unfulfilled dreams. People joke about going through "quarter-life" and "mid-life" crises, but for many people these really are sobering times when regret and fear can wreak havoc.

  • Conquering selfishness

    Pride and selfishness wear many disguises. Sometimes they take the spotlight, but often they express a more subtle influence.

  • A Greater Purpose

  • Valuable word

    Words are everywhere. We speak them, write them, study and learn them. They help us to communicate with each other, understand concepts and express ourselves. Words are valuable.

  • I’m in the Lord’s army

    A war wages constantly in heart, mind and spirit; a battle where strength and will fall quickly to the power of hope and faith. Surrender here does not mean failure.