Liana Monaghan

Press Service International

Liana is a passionate and creative soul, living in South Australia and married to her artist husband of 12 years, Justin. Liana is an early childhood educator and also writes, sings, occasionally dances,  loves nature, is a psalmist and runs a women's ministry.

  • Trust me - God

    When I was a young teen I bought a christian poster which said ‘trust me’ next to a roaring tiger. The image stuck with ...

  • Be kind to yourself

    Lately I have been choosing to be kind to myself every single day. What does this look like you might ask? Well this has looked like me not putting much pressure on myself.

  • Lessons from an Oak Tree

    At the end of last year I received an answer to prayer. I had asked God for a garden. There was only one rental out of all the houses we looked at that had a garden and we were accepted. It is such a joy for my heart to have a garden now.

  • A song over your soul

    Sometimes we need God to sing over our soul. The part of us that wanted our life to work out in a certain way and wanted hearts desires now. Our spirits can be in full surrender to God and our lives can be laid down, but our soul still feels everything and can be in anguish, restless or weighed down.

  • A call to wisdom

    At some point in our lives we will need divine wisdom to know what to do or say in a situation.

  • The hard place; the hidden place of waiting and trust

    Not many people truly understand what it means to wait. To wait years for something to happen that has been promised to you by God.

  • Mothers you are doing a great job!

    Mothers, you are amazing. You selflessly put your children first and constantly carry them in your heart, wherever you go and whatever you are doing. Mothers you deserve to be honoured.

  • A heart for the poor

    My auntie has a saying ‘live simply so that other’s can simply live.’ I have watched her and her husband over many years live this out by sowing generously into many causes of God’s heart whilst choosing to be content with what she had, rather than give into the Western lure for buying more ‘stuff’. When I visit her, we sit on the same simple wooden table and chairs that they have had for the whole time I have known them.

  • Navigating difficulties & abiding in Gods rest

    At some point in your life you will have to navigate very difficult circumstances or respond to some bad news. If you believe in God and follow him, this difficult circumstance will present a full-on challenge on top of the actual circumstances.

  • If Jesus walked into your room

    Have you ever heard a song that has just rocked you to the core? A song that you are humbled by, as you suddenly remember who Jesus is. A song that as you listen, pierces through all your story and journey and pain. As you remember just who God is and you begin to feel his tangible presence, like rain on the terrain of your heart.