Natasha Young

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Natasha Young is an accountant and mother of one from the land of wood and water (Jamaica) in the West Indies who feels like she has missed her true calling which was to have become a teacher, or writer/director (or all of the above!). She is the only person she knows who works with numbers everyday but had English as a favourite subject in school. The most used app on her phone is Kindle so you know what that means. She is a lover of music and can oftentimes be heard belting on the top of her voice even though singing is not a talent of hers. But ultimately, she is just a sinner saved by grace who believes we all have a responsibility to use our gifts for the growth of God’s people and His glory.

  • Of hard battles and strong soldiers…

    For the last several years I’ve noticed that as it gets closer to a new year there is this particular “request” that many persons – Christians and unbelievers alike – will post and share on their social media pages.

  • Rest

    We are living in a time and place where everyone is constantly on the go. There is always something to do, somewhere we have to be, someone we have to see.

  • How great thou art

    Have you ever looked at the sky on a beautiful summer day?

  • The cost of compromise

    David… Solomon… Samson…

  • Progression or destruction

    A few days ago I came across a YouTube video where participants were being asked their thoughts on who a woman was. Some persons were clear in stating that there are biological differences between men and women and of course they were firm believers in advocating for women’s rights.

  • Anchored

    It is a particularly tough time for mankind right now.

  • Mentally Speaking – part 2

    Support can take different forms because a listening ear alone may not be what some persons need. For that single dad with a young daughter, it can mean offering to comb her hair sometimes if you see that he is struggling.

  • Mentally speaking – part 1

    Yesterday I saw a post from the Jamaica Observer about a woman whose suicide attempt was thankfully thwarted by passersby in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew.

  • Forgiveness – it’s for you, but…

    I saw a quote online attributed to Suzanne Somers that said “forgiveness is a gift you give yourself”. This is a nice sentiment, and while forgiving someone who has wronged you is certainly liberating for the individual who is choosing to forgive, forgiveness is so much bigger than that.

  • Knowing God