Nathanael Yates

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Nathanael Yates is a Neuroscience Researcher from Perth, Western Australia. He is constantly inspired by his astonishingly wise and beautiful wife and his adorable daughter.Nathanael Yates' previous articles may be viewed at

  • A young scientist who is a Christian

    Nathanael Yates played the mad scientist role at school. Despite the uniform code, he could always be found with multicoloured hair, spray-painted lab coat and safety glasses. At least he was following the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines!  He claims that one the joys of admitting you are a scientist (even at parties) is that no-one minds how eccentric you act.

  • The identity crisis

    The definition of who you are changes throughout life. As a young child you do not understand that your thoughts are different from those around you, this only comes around the age of four.

  • The new dark age

    The Protestant Reformation gave rise to a diversity of Christian thought as it brought with it an intellectual freedom which created and continues to create many side roads to the truth.

  • The discriminating Christian

    A great strength of Australian society is egalitarianism, the culture of equal opportunities and equal treatment.

  • Christian philosophy on Fiscal issues

    Recent scandals with the Commonwealth Bank, and talks about welfare drug testing have prompted me to start thinking about what a Christian financial system is, and how we should treat each other in our financial relationships.

  • Representatives of Christ

    Christians have a calling that is difficult for many reasons. One of the greatest challenges is that we are constant representatives of God.

  • Confirming your bias

    Do you ever have the experience of looking something up on the internet, with the sole purpose to prove you are right? Or deliberately only ask the opinions of friends you think will agree with you?

  • Do you want to know when you will die?

    As a medical researcher I have to consider many ethical aspects of my research. In particular I am interested in being able to predict brain development from an early age.

  • The benefits of fear

    Anyone who knows me knows that I have very limited topics of conversation.

  • A fresh start

    When I was in my early twenties I spent much of my free time volunteering. The most meaningful of these activities was in a drug addiction rehabilitation centre called “Fresh Start”, run by an inspiring Christian doctor who treated predominantly drug addicts.