Neville Hiatt

Press Services International

Neville Hiatt was the 2020 Press Services International Tronson Senior Writers Award Winner for Australia. His previous posts for can be read here.

He spent a decade working for Radio Stations before his career was intermissioned by someone in a hurry to get home from work. For more of his award winning creativity visit

He also blogs for the way cryptocurrencies and blockchain are changing our world.

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    When I released my collection of short stories years ago I used an extremely talented illustrator to give a visual ...

  • Who is Xi Xi Pandrews?

    “But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you ...

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    How often do you view your surroundings like a child does?

  • Encouragement from a reader

    In my last couple of articles I diverted from commenting on current events to bring you some encouragement. I received some encouragement of my own recently with the below email.

  • Iconic Australian Birds

    If I asked you to name an Australian bird what would be your answer? I doubt pigeon would be high on that list. If I asked you to name a bird you didn’t like, you might answer pigeon. If you asked me would I ever include a photograph of a pigeon in my yearly collection I’d probably say no.

  • The signature of God

    How do you reply to someone when you don't know the answer to their question?

  • Koalas are not bears

    Koala’s are marsupials. Bears are not marsupials. They are often called koala bears but that is inaccurate. They do make a great subject to photograph. Some artists say they don’t have favourites when it comes to their own work. I am not one of those artists. I love this photograph that I captured during the last Spring.

  • Art work – Life Motto

    A picture is worth a thousand words is a common saying when it comes to photography. This photograph contains 44.