Nic Lee

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Nic Lee  works by day as a Business Analyst Consultant whilst, outside of business hours, maintains an IT support & website services business. He volunteers with 89.9 LightFM (Christian Community Radio). Nic has served for over twenty years in his local church, in worship, technology consulting, life group leading and event management.

  • The Fruit of the Spirit: Love

    In the tapestry of human existence, few qualities are as revered and sought after as love. Love, in its myriad forms, is a driving force that shapes relationships, communities, and societies.

  • A Christian-take on the Johari Window

    I was sitting under the Word of God being preached at my church recently where the topic was Self Help vs God’s Help. The Johari Window was mentioned as a good tool for discipleship.

  • How to Sweet to Hold a Newborn Baby

    The title of this article might sound familiar because it is part of the lyrics of the William Gaither hymn “Because He Lives”

  • Lion

    “Lion” was a special Easter performance by my church’s worship team and choir at our Easter Resurrection Sunday.

  • Happiness and joy

    I recently heard wise words explaining the difference between happiness and joy, which is the basis for this article.

  • The Great Commission

    Even if God/Jesus is present, there are some people who doubt him. This passage on the Great Commission is partly a response by Jesus to those who doubted.

  • I speak Jesus

    This is the title of a song released by a band called Here Be Lions. The likes of Darlene Zschech helped to propel it to prominence amongst the Christian community in 2021. The first time I heard this song the impact and deep meaning of all the lyrics brought me to my knees.

  • Rising from the Ashes: Ukrainian Devastation

    Ivan sat on the platform with tears erupting yet again as another uncontrollable wave of emotions surged over him. He leaned on his walking stick for support and his wife Valentina tried to compose herself behind a handkerchief that was proving to be too small.

  • Emmanuel: God with us

    The name “Emmanuel” means God with us. It also is the name of a very cute three-year-old who is the son of good friends, and sometimes he totally lives up to his name.

  • Make Room

    I was recently visiting family in Adelaide and as part of the trip, I attended a conference on the Holy Spirit. During the conference I was introduced to the song Make Room, which is the inspiration of this latest article.