Nic Lee

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Nic Lee  works by day as a Business Analyst Consultant whilst, outside of business hours, maintains an IT support & website services business. He volunteers with 89.9 LightFM (Christian Community Radio). Nic has served for over twenty years in his local church, in worship, technology consulting, life group leading and event management.

  • How God speaks

    In my previous article I explored the song I Speak Jesus. You might be mistaken to think that this consecutive article was planned, but I tend to write fresh articles that are seasonal and tap into the current mood I sense from God. The inspiration for these two articles is in itself, an example of how God speaks…

  • Majesty

    Majesty: a term normally reserved for addressing the sovereign ruler of a nation, historically titled the King or Queen. Representing royal power.

  • Stand Firm

    I recently was watching Martyn Iles online. If you’re not aware of who Martyn is, he is the current head of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), a non-party partisan, non-denominational advocate for Christians and the faith.

  • Death: the final frontier?

    This article is written after a week full of drama which included attending two funerals. The first funeral was for a neighbour while the second funeral was for an individual who was instrumental in the financial enablement of my church’s Love Loud Meal Delivery COVID response service.

  • It’s worth fighting for

  • My Journey of Faith

    In my last article I wrote about Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The point in time when you decide that this is true for yourself is an early milestone event in the walk of a follower of Jesus. You become a believer.

  • Be the blessing

  • Kintsugi: Embracing our Imperfections

  • In your freedom I will live

    I just went for a walk with a friend at our local Jells Park in South-East Melbourne. Don’t worry! Victoria’s COVID restrictions allow us to exercise with a friend for up to 2-hours a day – so it’s all legit!

  • Behold: then sings my soul

    This article expands the lyrics of the titular song. Play it from YouTube in the background and enjoy worshipping God as you read this.