Nic Lee

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Nic Lee  works by day as a Business Analyst Consultant whilst, outside of business hours, maintains an IT support & website services business. He volunteers with 89.9 LightFM (Christian Community Radio). Nic has served for over twenty years in his local church, in worship, technology consulting, life group leading and event management.

  • May the force be with you

    This saying should automatically make you think of the now Disney-owned franchise of Star Wars. I have long been a fan of this galaxy far, far away. This article is my attempt to harmonise the two worlds – Star Wars and the Christian faith.

  • Jesus: Lord and Saviour

    One of the first milestones that all believers go through is the moment of salvation. This is typically and culturally known as when a believer confesses Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour.

  • A time for faith in action

    Back in April 2020, when COVID became a harsh reality with government enforced restrictions, I was already in a season without full-time paid employment. I have come to believe that this positioning was part of God’s divine plan for 2020.

  • Defying gravity

    You know a musical brand is strong when you you can refer to the music / songs within it and people instantly know the name of the musical. In the case of Wicked, the best known song Defying Gravity exemplifies the peak of the protagonist’s journey. As always, spoiler alert!

  • Loving Loud in 2020

    This article shares what my home church – Church of Christ Fellowship, Clayton has been up to in loving our local community with no strings attached.

  • Writing your COVID worries away

    I have a friend who contributed to an article of this same title, originally published on Medcast. This article builds on that original piece and is part of my way of sharing (with permission) the shared interest we have in writing.

  • Into the woods

    Into the Woods was my first introduction to the works of Stephen Sondheim. If you grew up reading the fairy-tale stories from the Brothers Grimm, you would know the stories that Into the Woods covers – Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Reviewing musicals

    Like any form of entertainment, if watching a musical makes you laugh and evoke feelings of joy and happiness, that is one measure of success.

  • The American gospel

    I recently watched a 140-minute documentary on Netflix called the American Gospel. A shorter first 40-minute version is freely available on YouTube to watch as well.

  • Remember This

    I was reading recently that in the Bible, the word “remember” occurs over 250 times. In the original language this was both in Hebrew and Greek. Many times, especially in the Torah (first five books of the Bible constituting the Law), the context is God teaching and imploring the Israelites to remember.