Nils von Kalm

Press Service International

  • A time to be still

    In our 24/7 culture, where we feel a debilitating anxiety if we don't have our smartphones with us, more and more people are realising the need to take time to be still and reflect on our lives and what we are here for.

  • Does it really matter what we believe?

    Why do so many Christians care about alleviating poverty and working for justice in the world? Put simply, what is their theology, and does it really matter?

  • All the lonely people

    The other night I had dinner with a group of friends after church.

  • What Donald Trump and Jesus have in common

    Donald Trump is probably the most polarising leader amongst evangelical Christians that the world has seen.

  • The power of one

    In John chapter 17, verse 1, Jesus prayed that his disciples would be one as he and the Father are one. It was a prayer of boldness and, on the surface at least, impossibly naïve and unrealistic.

  • Why I love the Bible

     A few months back I wrote an article which discussed why I believe the Bible is not the final authority for the Christian. The premise of my article was that Jesus is the final authority and we know this because it is the Bible that tells us so.

  • What is truth in a postmodern culture?

    Showing Christ to be relevant in a largely postmodern, secular society has its share of conundrums.

  • The Bible not our final authority?

    I grew up in a strong evangelical church which emphasised the importance of the Bible as the Word of God. The Bible was central to these good people.