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Pete Brookshaw is the Senior Minister of The Salvation Army Craigieburn. He has a Bachelor of both Business and Theology and is passionate about the church being dynamic and effective in the world and creating communities of faith that are outward-focused, innovative, passionate about the lost and committed to societal change. He has been blogging since 2006 at about leadership and faith and you can find him on:



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  • William McKenzie had the ANZAC spirit

    The influence of war remains etched on our hearts and minds. While for some they can recall the Grandfather’s commitment to protecting Australian soil all those years previous; for others they remember defence force personnel who epitomised sacrifice and selflessness.

  • The destructive path of a pedophile

    It makes you sick in the stomach. The stories are extravagantly poignant. The cases are too close to home. The psychological pain is excruciating. Lives have been completely wrecked. Families have been downright destroyed. People have lost their faith in God and in humanity.

  • How to be a better leader

    Maybe you've taken on new responsibility at work, or began to take on a leadership role of a ministry in the local church. Maybe you've been a seasoned leader for many years. Maybe you have just become a follower of Jesus and realise you need to learn how to lead.

  • Pulling no punches on toxic masculinity

    The debate has been fierce and rigorous. Social media has lit up like a Sydney skyline on New Year’s Eve. Why? Gillette released an advertisement. It hit a nerve, and stirred a national discussion.  

  • Sex is God’s idea (PSI Young Writers Best of 2018)

    I ordered my coffee and made myself comfortable in the corner of the café ready to read what I had been handed.

  • Is a ribbon for every child?

  • Don’t tell me what to do

    Just try asking for a child to put away their toys, or a teenager to get off their tablet, or an adult to stop smoking in the breezeway and you realise people don’t like to be told what to do.

  • I’ll Bet You $5, Australia Has a Gambling Problem

    Two people showed up to the meeting; that’s if you don’t include the two facilitators and the three local city councillors. Granted, the topic wasn’t a Netflix favourite, but it was a meeting tackling one of the biggest issues across our nation.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Quit

    I have seen it all lately. Marriages falling apart. People spitting the dummy and walking away from their responsibilities. Friends considering whether they really have what it takes. Colleagues who have low self-esteem. Parents trying to hold their families together. Relationships on the brink of disaster.

  • White space: The art of pausing in a hectic world

    Some of you are wondering what white space is. Just pause for a moment. I’ll tell you in a minute. Though, that’s the problem right there. We don’t know how to pause.