Peter Brookshaw

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Pete Brookshaw is the Senior Minister of The Salvation Army Craigieburn. He has a Bachelor of both Business and Theology and is passionate about the church being dynamic and effective in the world and creating communities of faith that are outward-focused, innovative, passionate about the lost and committed to societal change. He has been blogging since 2006 at about leadership and faith and you can find him on:



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  • You can’t handle the truth!

    We live in a post-truth world. And the crazy part is, what I just said doesn’t need to be true, you just need to believe it.

  • Peace in the pandemic

    There is so much uncertainty in the world. Borders are closed. Shops are vacant. Toilet paper is like liquid gold. Chemists are scrambling to stock hand sanitiser. People are anxious. Unemployment services are overrun. Government websites are crashing.

  • Finish what you started: The art of perseverance

    Have you ever started something and struggled to finish it?

  • A Daily Dichotomy

    When unprecedented bushfires ravaged the Australian landscape, I didn’t expect what happened next.

  • What’s the next chapter?

    Walking through the conference centre foyer, I made my way to the barista and ordered a soy latte. Dairy gives me headaches. Actually, overworking gives me headaches. I knew what I needed. And I knew what was coming:

  • The distant critic

    Not that long back, my wife and I had the pleasure of going to the movies. With three young children, this happens as often as my children clean their bedrooms. Yes. Not often. 

  • Are children's sports ribbons a good thing

    Athletic tournaments get held in September across Australia. The young children get tired. They get good days of running, jumping and throwing. Everyone got a ribbon. No one missed out. No one felt that they had lost.

  • 5 ideas to help the church grow

    While God might grow the church, we are responsible for cultivating an environment that supports growth.

  • Does anyone know what time it is?

    Forgive me if I can’t give you a clear answer. I’m just as confused as many of you. I can’t keep up with the trends in society. I can’t stay abreast of all the issues. And I surely can’t stay on top of my opinions on every new hot-topic that is trending on twitter.

  • The quiet Australians

    This article goes out to all the quiet Australians. You know who you are. You know what you believe. You understand the world and you think deeply about some of the complexities of Australian culture today.