Phil Hall

Press Service International

Phillip Hall has been too long in Melbourne to see AFL in the same light as those back in Fremantle. East Fremantle born and bred, he would love to see the Dockers back in the eight. But would settle for just beating West Coast twice a year.

  • Eurovision Review: As Concise As I Could Be

    When it comes to Eurovision I have been watching since 1990. Thirty years of...well, Eurovision. Which is still never enough. Because that is just what Eurovision keeps doing, making you want more.

  • Lockdown Saturday

    “We’ve got the close one!”

  • David Bowie and Capital ‘A’ Art

    Like most kids of my generation I would wake up early Saturday Morning to watch Cartoons. Spider-man, Transformers, He-Man, Superfriends, Robotech, Jabber Jaws, Captain Caveman, Scooby Doo, Marine Boy, The Smurfs, its a big list.

  • Small Hopes and Miraculous Dreams

    Recently, I was at a training session for my job as a School Crossing Supervisor. Stereotypically Supervisors are over fifty and, at forty seven I am the youngest I know of. So it was an interesting time watching them attempt to learn a new app the council required them to use.

  • AFL Review Round 6: A Symbiotic Relationship?

    At the end of round 6 there are still two unbeaten teams. Expectations were that this week would see at least one of those teams loosing. Western Bulldogs faced the Giants at an icy Canberra. While Melbourne Demons found themselves facing the reigning Premiers Richmond. Neither lost.

  • The Supplicant

    A figure bowing. A figure filled with colour. A figure filled with colour bowing on a blood red field. Around the bowing figure on the blood red field are a series of words and questions. They discuss the place of the deity to the figure bowing and of the figure towards the deity.

  • Safety Face

  • AFL Round 1: Melbourne v Fremantle

    I have just gotten home from watching football at the MCG and I am deflated. Twenty two thousand people attended the game between Melbourne and Fremantle. By the end none but the most die hard and inebriated Dees fan was excited.

  • Schmick, Kitsch, Sophistication, Shemozzle

    For many today the current ‘Church’ is a theatre, often inside an industrial warehouse. Worship is focused on the performance of the event and artistry in creating a cinema experience. The darkness forces the focus on the stage and the actors upon it.

  • Lion’s In Lockdown Again

    Thursday night training was a shortened affair. Outside the clubrooms Artie was counting nervously.