Rebecca Triplett

Press Services International

Rebecca constantly strives to practically love people around her. She also loves fuzzy socks, her five sisters, pink and orange alstroemerias, calligraphy, and sour gummy worms. 

  • The now and not yet

    Our God likes to deal in paradoxes and the one I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around lately is the paradox of the now and the not yet. In the strictest sense, this term refers to the tensions of the kingdom of God: it is simultaneously here in the present and yet it is also something to be fulfilled when Jesus comes again.

  • Rest

    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. My immune system has been left ragged from an auto-immune disorder and ...

  • God is Love

    Life has always been black and white to me – there is a right and there is a wrong.

  • Finding church in my living room

    Where I am in the United States, we are still seeing an active infection of the coronavirus, so I am still spending the majority of my time at home.

  • What does love look like?

    I often wonder how God can love people and judge them at the same time. Intellectually, I understand that God must be able to do this, because, you know, God is God.

  • Finding the heart of the Father

    I’ve had a lot of people saying things to me over the past few months like, “It must be really nice to have a faith right now. With everything happening in the world, I bet your faith is giving you a lot of comfort.” Or “I wish I had faith in something right now.”

  • Waiting in quarantine

    I am still stuck within the confines of my apartment. Cases of COVID-19 are still rising in our area and we do not have the required hospital capacity to handle a huge surge in cases. So, like the rest of the world, I am waiting.

  • Knowledge, hope, and the coronavirus

    I, like most of the rest of the world, am stuck in quarantine. There are stay-at-home orders in my state until the beginning of June, and summer has never felt further away.

  • Marriage isn’t the answer

    Being a young single in the church is hard. I can’t speak for any other single people, but a lot of my conversations revolve around my getting married – or, my lack thereof.

  • The conundrum of self-care

    In my previous article, You Do You (which can be found HERE), I talked about the tensions between self-care and relationship building.