Roden Meares

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Roden Meares enjoys playing basketball, reading comics and going to the gym. He has a passion for evangelising and helping others in their faith through writing.

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  • Patient Development

    When we look out into the world, it is natural to desire great change. To want to see people saved, for Christians to represent Jesus well, for reform in social institutions, for the Gospel to be more widely known.

  • Authenticity and Good Deeds

    Central to a Christian’s walk is good deeds.

  • Trans-athletes in basketball

    A transgender athlete for the Kilsyth Basketball club, in Victoria, has applied to play for the NBL1 Women's League. This is the league below the professional WNBLlevel.

  • How apologetics can supplement your faith

    In our information age, there can be a real war of ideas. When an atheist talks about their rejection of God their response is usually about a lack of evidence.  

  • The confusion of gender theory

    God, who has no gender, created the genders of male and female long ago. For many years, the framework of two genders have served us perfectly well. But there are now people who want to create a distinction between biological sex and gender.

  • Secularisation growing into anti-religion

    The religious climate of Australia has changed drastically in the past decades. Becoming increasingly secularised. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the last 30 years:

  • The beauty of the Lord

    Could there be a more desirable topic than the beauty of the Lord? In a world fallen, it can be easy to take your eyes off the beauty of God.

  • Swamidass on the genealogical Adam and Eve

    The first page of Genesis has been the source of much heated debate over the recent decades. The two camps being the young earth creationism and evolutionary theory.

  • The emptiness of the atheist worldview

    Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all have a worldview. We all have beliefs about the world. As we go about our lives, we develop our own personal philosophies and beliefs. We develop our own perception of the world. It doesn’t necessarily have to be religious.

  • Grace fuels godly living

    Too often we reverse grace and turn it into striving.