Roydon Ng

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Roydon Ng is a Christian writer and Baptist seminary graduate from Western Sydney.

Soli Deo gloria.

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  • Let’s Go to Church

    Spiritual but no religious is increasingly common, but how realistic is this one might wonder. It could be said that such is just a meme, an excuse, a phase, or something in between.

  • Lost in the Aftermath

    Australia is one of the best places to live in the world. As I write this overlooking the beating heart of nation’s past, present, and future during NAIDOC week

  • Prayer is Not Enough

    Thoughts and prayers are often rightfully conveyed by our political leaders in the event of unfortunate occurrences, but little appears to be actioned afterwards to remedy the cause of the disaster.

  • Neighbourhood Matters

    Our neighbour is more than just the household living beside us but everyone and anyone.No matter their social status, gender, beliefs, or ability.

  • Man of Responsibility

    What does a young boy have to do to become a grown-up man in today’s world? With the lack of strong positive male role models through increasing rates of single motherhood, lack of men in the education sector, and the failures of church groups to demonstrate leadership, children are now finding their way through life increasingly over the internet.

  • Political Economy of Self-Sacrifice

    Politics and spirituality often appear contradictory with the latter regularly assumed to be a mere synonym for religion attempting to assert its influence in the public sphere.

  • Build Bridges, Not Walls

    Most of us have been in the situation of chatting with someone and the conversation comes around to religion and then ...

  • Community Service

  • Media Matters

    For the Church to flourish, Christians must be honest with reality. We must accept our tainted reputation truthfully. Our noble strivings for better services, outreach or a greater community presence are fruitless pursuits without recognising how the Christians are perceived as a whole.

  • Transformational Christianity

    When people “stop believing in God they don't believe in nothing; they believe in anything” are the famous words of GK Chesterton that continue to speak volumes in our post-modern society today.