Roydon Ng

Press Service International

Roydon Ng is a Christian writer and Baptist seminary graduate from Western Sydney.

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  • Progress or Pagan?

    For most, the notion of paganism and idolatry have been relegated to the ancient history of the past, with mainstream society now only producing a false dichotomy between religious and supposedly non-religious people.

  • Tram lines

    A young woman greets her male friend with an apologetic embrace for not returning his calls, having only realised that her mobile was on silent while she parked her car on the kerbside cobblestone.

  • Lit dawgs

    It’s no secret that politics is really downstream from culture and as we start this new decade, there’s no doubting that the post-Christendom society will advance. As faithful followers of Jesus, we constantly face the challenge of how we make sense or make the most of the “culture wars”.

  • People connect differently

    Press Service International Columnist Roydon Ng recently caught up with Pastor Kiran Skariah on how the suburban Youth Pastor is giving up his church job to run the biggest 24/7 youth group in the world.

  • Why has the west been so successful?

    The question of what good has Christianity done for Western civilisation is at the forefront of our 21st-century cultural crisis, whether we like to admit it or not.

  • Democracy can’t save Hong Kong

    After months of increasingly violent protests in Hong Kong, the city is no closer to resolving its deep-seated identity crisis. Questions of ‘what does it mean to be a Hong Konger’ and ‘ought Hong Kong be Chinese or British’ remain unanswered.

  • Conservatism: The false hope for Christians

    In the Western world, many Christians have been conditioned to presume that the post-modern culture’s rejection of faith is equivalent to the persecution of believers.

  • Adam Duker: Pursuing freedom and keeping faith amidst adversity

    Drinking an Ethiopian long black coffee in an Inner Sydney café hours before attending a wedding, Adam Duker recounts his fateful decision in 2016 to attend his brother’s wedding in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Growing up Asian-Australian in Sydney Churches

    The changing demographics of regular church attendance in Australia is no secret to long-time Christians, with declining numbers of Anglo-Australians. This, however, does not signify the end of Christianity in the country, with an increasing number of church attendees coming from an immigrant and especially a second-generation Asian background.

  • Are we kissing evangelicalism goodbye?

    The English poet Dorothy Sayers once said, “if we really want a Christian society, we must teach Christianity”. For many long-time Christians, this would be the obvious case. But as culture moves in not just a post-modern but post-Christendom society, we must be churches that welcome and embrace every age group.