Roydon Ng

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Roydon Ng is a Christian writer and Baptist seminary graduate from Western Sydney.

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  • Community Service

  • Media Matters

    For the Church to flourish, Christians must be honest with reality. We must accept our tainted reputation truthfully. Our noble strivings for better services, outreach or a greater community presence are fruitless pursuits without recognising how the Christians are perceived as a whole.

  • Transformational Christianity

    When people “stop believing in God they don't believe in nothing; they believe in anything” are the famous words of GK Chesterton that continue to speak volumes in our post-modern society today.

  • Stormy Seas vs Sovereign Saviour

    From confrontations with mortality to restrictions on freedoms while endeavouring to maintain a sense of normality, it’s been tough lately…

  • Christians should shut up for once

    “Hillsong is a cult,” “it’s BDSM time” (bring down Scott Morrison), “just another Christian RWNJ idea” (right-wing nut job) are increasingly common tirades towards the smallest resemblance of traditional values and even irreligious decisions made by the Australian Government which currently has a practicing Pentecostal Prime Minister.

  • Are we fair dinkum with God?

    We often hear the belief in God is declining, that Christianity is something which belongs in the 1950s and science has replaced faith today.

  • The Place of Faith

    Western civilisation finds its heritage among Judeo-Christian values aligned with the Bible. Any attempt to understand how our culture works today will undoubtedly revolve around questions of faith whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

  • Women in the Bible

    God revealed himself first to a man, but it is through woman that mankind now exists, and with progressive revelation brings us Jesus for the fulfilment of His blessing.

  • The Power of Words

    From COVID cluster to the attempted Capitol coup d’état on the news, to conversational churches, the opening of the new year could not have been any more of a clown show.

  • The Next Generation

    For young Christians growing up, it is undoubted that challenges of secularism abound.