Sam Gillespie

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Sam Gillespie is a composer, programmer and PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales.Sam Gillespie's previous articles may be viewed at

  •  Encryption is good for christians

    The topic of encryption and law enforcement has been back in the new cycle with the EARN IT Act being reintroduced to congress this year. Part of this act resurfaces the idea that there should be a way for law enforcement to eavesdrop on communications—even when they’re encrypted.

  • Are you really going to eat that!?

    When I first wrote about this topic there were reports across India of a number of fatal lynchings which had taken place. The cause was misinformation, spread with messages on Whatsapp.

  • Meeting Both Online and Offline: the Way of the Future

    I remember a lot of debates as to the importance of meeting together and what the right course of action for churches was, in regard to in-person or online gatherings.

  • How a goal has led me true

    This is my story on aiming for the goals I set. For many students at the end of their high school years the question asked of them (at least once a week) is what they have set as their goal. My story of how, by setting a goal, I was taken on an exciting and varied journey that I couldn't have possibly predicted but has still brought me towards my goal.

  • More than meets the eye in everyday television

    Do the TV shows we watch say more than we think? Is there more than meets the eye in the messages they convey?

  • Musings on Truth

    What is truth? A question that is common to most people I would hope. Here are some of my musings on the subject. These are simply my opinions so I'd encourage the reader to simply use them as food for thought; they are by no means authoritative.

  • Friends at Church

    Discussing the value about the friends we have at church seems to me to be very important. One of the fun things about church is looking forward to being able to catch up our friends on Sundays?

  • Be creative, be involved and more

    So, you’re a “creative ________”, whatever that may be… an artist of some media, be it light or sound, taste or word, perhaps numbers. Perhaps a combination thereof, many disciplines or something I haven’t heard even of.

  • Leadership, society and experts

    Making decisions can be hard enough when it comes to personal choices. How much harder is it to commit to action when your choice directly impacts other people!

  • Remake or original?

    Recently I took a trip down memory lane and played some fan made re-workings of a few old video games from my childhood.