Stephanie Yao

Press Services International

Stephanie enjoys simple living, admiring nature’s beauty and intricacy, and playing the piano. She is particularly passionate about empowering the vulnerable. Writing is her way of processing thoughts and feelings to understand herself, God and the world in a deeper and more meaningful way.

  • The heart of worship

    We sang this song many times in the 2000s. I loved its beautiful melody. However, I was only convicted by the lyrics’ meaning and challenge when I slowed down, saying each word aloud.

  • It is easier

    Lying in bed at 11 pm, the stillness of the dark, turmoil of the soul, loudly screaming “HELP!”

  • Redeeming stories from the past

    Rain. Thunderstorm. Flooding

  • A letter from your Father

    My words are true, you can trust me. Even if you don't know if you can trust the words of those around you, you can trust me. I will protect your heart; you will find wholeness in me. I am your home.

  • Prayers answered (or not)

    I realise and acknowledge that answered prayers can be a sensitive topic. This is in no way the absolute way of understanding this or how God works. I pray and hope that using the 5 Ws and H framework to offer different perspectives will be a helpful way to consider situations we face.

  • More than a social group

    This was a gathering of believers worshipping, praying, and seeking God’s direction. They greatly impacted their community as they lived and shared everything. 

  • Don’t unsend that message

    In the last month, how many times have you undone something? Whether that’s undo on a document, unsend on a messaging app, or even backspacing?

  • Blessed beyond measure

    One word came to my mind as I reflected on new year traditions.

  • Waiting for the green light

    We wait for many things. People, results, and good health are a few common examples.

  • Don’t give up in your 20s

    As someone who has grown up learning about God and the Bible, I cannot remember a time when I did not know about God.