Stephanie Yao

Press Services International

Stephanie enjoys simple living, admiring nature’s beauty and intricacy, and playing the piano. She is particularly passionate about empowering the vulnerable. Writing is her way of processing thoughts and feelings to understand herself, God and the world in a deeper and more meaningful way.

  • It’s still Christmas

  • To my fellow nurses,

    Thank you for all your commitment and hard work in nursing. For I know this is more than just a job, this is who we are. It is our passion and desire to love, care, and serve.

  • Giving away my two copper coins

  • Make your words count

  • How will this be?

    Imagine our lives plotted on a line graph with the x and y-axis labelled time and unforeseen events respectively. Without a doubt, the curve goes up and down across our lifetimes. But there is also this time when the curve gradually falls and plateaus.

  • Following my owner

    I was walking along a popular beach during midday. Some people were by themselves like me, and others with a friend or with their dog. I kept observing the interactions between the dog and its owner.

  • A letter from your Father

    My words are true, you can trust me. Even if you don't know if you can trust the words of those around you, you can trust me. I will protect your heart; you will find wholeness in me. I am your home.

  • Going home

    The bell would ring signalling the end of school. I remember those days when the class would erupt with excitement. Some looked forward to the trip away in the weekend or a celebration at home, and others simply relieved that school was over for the day.

  • Are you ready?

    On the 5th of March, New Zealand was awoken by earthquakes and Civil Defence tsunami warnings. People were asked to evacuate, and to stay out of water and off beaches.

  • Hello or hallow?

    I’ll admit I don’t always have God at the forefront of my mind, even when I’m reading the Bible or saying a prayer. Sometimes I do these things because I know it’s good for me, and other times it’s to tick the box or because of peer pressure.