Stephanie Yao

Press Services International

Stephanie enjoys simple living, admiring nature’s beauty and intricacy, and playing the piano. She is particularly passionate about empowering the vulnerable. Writing is her way of processing thoughts and feelings to understand herself, God and the world in a deeper and more meaningful way.

  • Embrace singleness

    Singleness is not always upheld as great. In fact, it is often perceived as inferior. At least that’s the sense from those in a relationship or married, as they carelessly comment, “don’t worry, you will find someone soon”.

  • 1.5 hours is not enough

    Church services are typically 1.5 hours long on a Sunday morning. I know there are times when we sit through the service and look at the time wondering when it will end.

  • Sunrise Sundays

    As someone working in an industry requiring shift work, I have worked many weekends and night shifts over the last few years.

  • Believing in his promises

    The last few years of the pandemic have shaken our thinking to consider if what we have in mind for the future is possible. Will we be able to travel locally, let alone internationally? Will we be employed after we finish our studies?

  • Groups are overrated

    As people are created from relationships and for relationships, it only makes sense for us to want to live with other people.

  • Meet me in Galilee

    This was the place Jesus started his ministry. As he walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw fishermen casting their nets. Jesus called out to these men and gave them a new calling in life – to be fishers of men.

  • Welcome home, Jesus

    Every year, the Jews would travel to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of the Passover. This temple in Jerusalem was the central place of worship.

  • I stopped going to church

    I think we can all agree that online church is not the same as attending church in person. Corporate worship turns into a small family gathering while hearing God’s word feels like a university lecture.

  • It’s still Christmas

  • To my fellow nurses,

    Thank you for all your commitment and hard work in nursing. For I know this is more than just a job, this is who we are. It is our passion and desire to love, care, and serve.