Wayne Graham

Press Service International

Wayne worked in the media for more than 30 years before leaving to follow a call to set up The Daily Encourager, a values based media showcasing the best of New Zealand society. He has a passion for Jesus, enjoys walking, ball sports, the arts and song writing.

  • The miracle of the lost letter

    There have been times in my life when I have had to question where I am with God.  Am I still walking in God’s will for my life?

  • The age of skepticism

    Before the internet came along we would find answers to our questions  through someone wise we trusted. It may have been our parents, grandparents, teacher, neighbour or someone we thought was wise. 

  • The power of your story

    After I became a Christian in my mid-forties I had many friends who were non-believers.

  • Quiet grace

    My boss was fuming.  Not at me personally, but at my department and in particular at one of my staff members who had made a serious error of judgement.

  • Embracing our flavours

    The city of Wellington is blessed with a variety of restaurants that add to the flavour of the city. Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Cambodian, Mongolian, Greek, Malaysian, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Irish, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Japanese and French. Take your pick.

  • Wuhan we’ve had a problem

    Anyone who has watched the Apollo 13 movie will remember the famous line.

  • Generations of being bald

    My father was bald. So was my grandfather on my mother’s side. I wonder if my new grandson will inherit this trait.

  • Now is the time to sing

    In a world full of fear, inundated with negative news, people are desperate for hope. Every day we hear about bad things happening. Now we are also facing the triple threats of the Coronavirus pandemic, economic recession and climate change.

  • Am I a racist?

    The heat from the spa pool was invigorating and the beer refreshing, as we submerged our bodies into the water, in countdown to the Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and England.

  • Doing well

    One morning in India a word came into my head.