I recently bought a dog who I have named after my late Grandfather George. He is great company for me, but little did I know that George would bring confidence and healing to other dogs and their owners in our community..

  • Will you sit silently with me?

    Sometimes all we want is for someone to sit with us.

  • What do you stand for?

    The debate over New Zealand\'s flag has been heating up recently, as over the course of the next year, a two-stage referendum will be implemented to decide whether we keep our old flag, or choose a new one from a set range of designs submitted by the public.

  • No one cares what you believe; they care how you believe it

    The day we Aucklanders entered our seventh week of Covid-induced lockdown, I sat by a lake to nurse a coffee and my tired thoughts under the pretty Spring sky.

  • Double speak and outcomes

    What is double speak? Here are some examples.

  • Why I didn’t get vaccinated

    We live in polarising times and the topic of this article is proving to be polarising in the general community of Aotearoa New Zealand, and in the local church that I serve as lead pastor of.

  • What about our rights?

    How many times have we heard that question in our Covid 19 world? Often, it’s used in the context of personal freedom – individuals wanting to be free to not wear a mask, not be vaccinated, go where they choose, associate with whom they want to. It’s all in the name of human rights.

  • Back to Him

    I was having a conversation recently with two close friends of mine about hymns. One is not a big fan of hymns and believes that most of them are outdated and unrelatable.

  • Hovercraft car

    Whatever happened to the idea of the Hovercraft car?

  • Love Unconditional

    Do you believe that God loves you unconditionally? Take a moment and be honest with yourself.

  • Unbelievable!

    Last month, an American content creator who was well known in Christian circles for his poems and podcasts, posted on social media that he was no longer a Christian. I was angered and a bit confused by his post. I never foresaw the possibility of someone who was essential in the growth of my faith making such a statement.

  • Leaves die, but roots thrive

    Growing up in the countryside in Jamaica has taught me the value of agriculture. That coupled with my dad and grandmother’s undying love for all things farmer-Brown- I was bound to have a green-thumb, or so I thought.