When lukewarm is convenient

When lukewarm is convenient

Have you read the same thing as a friend but had a different interpretation of it? I once got into a discussion about what the difference between wearing a beanie ‘on my ears’ is versus what wearing a beanie ‘over my ears is.’ Both meant the same thing but were differently interpreted..

  • Innovations – Science and other things

    This article about some true-blue Aussie scientific and technological innovations.

  • Just, be.

    Hey, have you ever thought about, just being you? And that just being you is enough? That it’s not something that we have to tell ourselves but something that we are told to do.

  • Saluting a private

    Recently, a story has unfolded of the NZ Army’s writing competition for soldiers of the rank of private. After running it and selecting a winner, they then contradicted themselves like a decaffeinated sugar-free energy drink and depublished it from their website. 

  • Spare the rod

    Discipline. Most of us experienced some form of discipline growing up. We were given boundaries and told no and occasionally punished if we did wrong. But since God is our loving father, what does His discipline look like? How does it fit in with His plan for us?

  • God’s Peace in the COVID World

    What is peace?

  • Seven then eight

    A recent Huffington Post article cites the seven most important things for a child to hear. But as a Christian, there is an eighth that is the most important of all.

  • X Marx the Spot

    Somewhere between the USSR and Bernie Sanders, socialism moved from being associated with gulags, media censorship and sequestering civilian property to free healthcare and Scandinavian utopia.

  • The Resurrection examined

    Many men and women have found that the message of Jesus’ resurrection satisfied not only their heart but their mind. They gave lives to Jesus. They said the transformation was immediate. It’s the resurrection and its power we celebrate each Easter Sunday.

  • Riding on the sheep’s back

    It has been said Australia rode on the sheep’s back.

  • Life in a world of chaos

    Imagine the chaos if you were to remove the rule book from a sport and allow the spectators or players to be the umpire. Without rules or a judge of the rules, I expect even the most tame and elegant of sports would turn to a blood bath and the winner would be the last person standing.

  • May the force be with you

    This saying should automatically make you think of the now Disney-owned franchise of Star Wars. I have long been a fan of this galaxy far, far away. This article is my attempt to harmonise the two worlds – Star Wars and the Christian faith.