Something to broadcast - the Resurrection

Something to broadcast - the Resurrection

Christians have a specific focus on the death of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary which leads us into an unknown world followed by the resurrection which brings hope and assurance..

  • When asking for forgiveness is hard…

    The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to ask for forgiveness or simply apologize. I have noticed that I take pride in the decisions I am making and as long as my stand is “right”, I am in the position to fight - even if it hurts someone.

  • The Importance of Listening to the Holy Spirit

    What will you do when the inevitable comes knocking at your door?

  • Falling in love with God

    Have you ever fallen in love with someone? Isn’t it the best feeling ever in this world? The moment your heart beats towards someone, you instantly forget about the pains of the past; you forget about your current problems.

  • Functionally empty

    I would be a hypocrite if I would come here and say “Oh, my year is amazing.” We are in the middle of the year, and, from a young christian point of view, whose aim through this column is to discuss matters that my heart is curious about; it has been a frustrating ride!

  • I was drowning but God rescued me

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed? 

  • Tank on E!

    A few weeks ago, my cousin started her podcast (Uncut with Judean) and if I have learned anything, it would have to be that transparency is confronting the deepest and darkest parts of your being or exterior relations with truth, love and honesty even if it may hurt or disturb the growing nature of a façade.

  • He restores my soul

    I have been falling deeper and deeper in love with Gods word recently. The precious promises in the bible that I have been finding and leaning on have become like a sweet fragrance to a desperate soul.

  • What’s good for me

    I’ve been resisting the tendency to divulge the contents of my journal in every submission

  • Sport Memorabilia

    Some items once owned by Don Bradman, went to India after an auction failed to capture local interest, including from the Bradman Museum.

  • Don’t be a Rachel

    I don’t want to be a Rachel.

  • Illegal Legalism

    Throughout our lifetimes we all find ourselves needing social ties, human connection and community. For some of us, we find that this need is primarily satisfied by our community of faith or church.