Should pronouns be capitalised when referencing God?

Should pronouns be capitalised when referencing God?

I may have to ruffle some feathers with this one.I believe that we are all allowed to choose one thing about which we ....

  • The alter and virginity

    Over a life time of 45 years in Christian ministry it has been one of my responsibilities to answer this question, an issue that most Christian parents are immensely concerned about for their young people, let alone young people themselves.

  • Finding Rest

    I remember writing this as a Facebook status once – “If you need more than 24 hours a day, then you are doing too much! Take time to rest”.

  • Stop, look and listen

    One of the catchphrase in my current classroom that has resonated with me this season has been ‘Stop, look and listen’.

  • Mothers – love them or hate them?

    I have a “World’s Best Mother” ornament sitting on my study shelf.

  • I would rather be ashes than dust

    As the war in Ukraine unfolds, I can’t help but admire the steadfast resolve of the Ukrainian people to resist the Russian invasion. Many of them would rather die than submit to Russian authority.

  • Is God answering prayer for Ukraine?

    A recent TV newsclip on the Ukrainian invasion showed worshippers in a Ukrainian church lighting candles and offering prayers.

  • Declined

    I was at my local supermarket recently, the one where every time I’m there I end up chatting to people I know, sometimes in the isles and sometimes in the checkout lines. It’s always a pleasant experience.

  • Christianity and the Walking Dead

    Over the last few years, one of the TV shows that I have followed on a regular basis has been AMC's The Walking Dead.

  • Stats and husbands

    A few years ago the secular press commented on a mother, a distinguished person in her own right, who made obvious observations about marriage statistical analysis for young women at Princeton (USA).

  • Anchored balloons

    I think many, if not all of us can relate to Israel’s defeat to Ai. As the story goes according to Joshua chapter 6 verses 1-27, Israel was commanded by the Lord to tackle a major opponent, Jericho.

  • Jewelry and the church in a positive light

    For sometime now, I have been trying my best to stay from topics that may make me seem extremely passionate. Fashion is ...