Scarcity creates urgency  

Scarcity creates urgency  

Recently I watched a black and white 1949 film titled “Whiskey Galore”. It was set in 1943 in the Hebrides Islands (Scotland)..

  • ISIS and captured

    This continues to be an issue illustrated by the Australian High Court reinstating the Australian passport of an accused terrorist.

  • Today I pray

    The sun is rising, and hues of intrepid orange start to explore the edges of the bedroom curtain. Morning is here and a new day has started. The worries of yesterday and errant past no longer need to linger. The new day is a new start, a new chance and a fresh slate. Today, I pray.

  • What is this - FUA

    Sometimes a terrific gem pops up in the media and you wonder why you weren't you the one to come up with such a catchy phrase.

  • Mystical Christianity   

    As a young Christian I was attracted to the teachings of the classical Christian mystics, men and women whose writings have been widely acknowledged as bearing witness to Jesus across the various strands of Christianity.

  • When you lose part of yourself

    My eldest son moved out of home January this year.

  • Tripping over history

    There is a Holocaust memorial project in Hamburg, Germany where small brass plaques etched with the names of those who perished in the Holocaust, are embedded in the pavement outside the houses where these people once lived.

  • When overseas on mission - money

    When the Patriot Act was passed in America as a result of 9/11, missionaries around the world found themselves in a perplexing situation.

  • Was Jesus crucified on Good Friday?

    Jesus said he would be in ‘the heart of the earth’ (tomb) for three days and three nights (Matthew 12:40, NAS), but we know he was raised on the third day.

  • Trust

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

  • Good grief: working through the pain of loss

    Grief and love are forever intertwined.

  • And the truth is…

    I was in the reception area of a group of specialist doctors waiting to be called. The only other person present was a man about my age (hereafter ‘my friend’) who was waiting for his wife.