Christians are losing their freedoms to be Christians

Christians are losing their freedoms to be Christians

In most western ‘Christian’ nations, believers have experienced great freedoms and been recognized as influential and important members of society, as those who uphold the accepted moral standard. But the times are a-changing and fast..

  • Finish well

    This is my desire, not to preserve my life, but to spend it fully at the feet of Jesus.

  • Cancel culture

    In a time when people are more upset over Dr. Seuss books being discontinued than they are about gun control, we need to have a serious talk about cancel culture.

  • Love, God, and Reality TV

    Australia has a strange problem.

  • All of life as worship

    We can often compartmentalise our lives into the ‘spiritual’ and ‘natural’. Some have referred to it as the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’.

  • Purpose-full

  • Biology is Violence

    “This could never happen, said those who called my stance against Bill C16 alarmist. I read the law and saw that it was, to the contrary, inevitable.” Dr Jordan B Peterson

  • The housing crises: Where is the church?

    I am fascinated by the housing crises that we are living in today here in New Zealand. For those of you who don’t know, our large cities—including the largest one which I happen to call home—is overpopulated and underhoused.

  • What about initiative - Nelson Cook

    Nelson Cook who established Coaches of Influence (COIN) 40 years ago in Los Angeles USA writes a monthly letter to the many coaches at professional, college and high school levels and the current correspondence touches the spot.

  • Facing the Impossible

    Myanmar has been beaten down by its military dictatorship for the last 50 years, yet they do not carry themselves as victims. With the recent developments towards democracy, the people were full of hope, ready to exercise this newfound freedom.

  • There shall be no death, mourning or crying

    It’s been just over a year since the World Health Organisation told the world about the Coronavirus. No one could have expected the months that followed, and we are still battling this dreadful disease.

  • I’m not interested in other people’s salvation

    It’s been a while since I have been a Christian now. I first met the Lord in my uni days, and ever since I have not departed from the faith. Though at a snail’s pace, I have definitely grown much since my spiritual birth: in wisdom, in Christ-like character, in doctrinal knowledge etc.