Do you need Jesus to get to heaven?

Do you need Jesus to get to heaven?

The question was simple. However, the answer had complexity..

  • Crackdowns on Christians in China, Sudan and Azerbaijan

    Persecution of Christians around the world has stepped up a level – these three countries are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Insights and wisdom

    Rev. Tim Keller’s story: In the 1980s he moved with wife and three young sons to Manhattan, New York “to begin a new church for a largely non-churchgoing population…being told it was a fool’s errand.

  • Cardboard cutouts...won’t save us

    Ever wonder why our country continues its unabated slide, into the abyss? Fuel and food prices, rent and mortgage repayments all on the increase.

  • [Not] Deconstructing

    I need to preface all of this by stating that I truly, deeply love Jesus with all my heart, am a big fan of the local church, and still identify as Christian. Reserve the panic and stay with me.

  • Hope for the Journey

    There have been many times where I’ve felt exhausted and prayed for God to help me – either by giving me more energy, or by making the situation easier.

  • Vote For Your Neighbour

    Voting season is upon us yet again and with voting season comes the inevitable questions we have of who we should vote for and what we should vote for.

  • Flipped

    Comfort can be so uncomfortable and uncertainty so tiring - would you agree?

  • Loving God Part 4 – With Strength

    To become strong and healthy, we need a lot of energy.

  • Calamity, chaos and peace

    Media headlines herald the breaking news of catastrophic disasters from around the globe. Meanwhile, homeless people take refuge on city streets begging for compassion. Concurrently, our increasing suicide statistics become dirty secrets swept under policies based on good intent. 

  • The Choices We Don’t Get

    In our postmodern, technological capitalist societies, life is littered with the opportunity and illusion of choice. We are taught to act upon our individualistic impulses, believing that we not only have the opportunity to define our ultimate destinies, but that we possess the power to manipulate every aspect of our lives.

  • Numbers in Scripture

    Unsurprisingly, Scripture is full of numbers. These don’t just appear in the obvious way—out in the open for even the most casual reader to see, but also in the connections and symbolism which must be searched out.