The Hidden Half

The Hidden Half

A fantastic book was recently launched in Sydney called 'The Hidden Half – Women and Islam', written by Dr Stuart Robinson..

  • Every tear drop is a waterfall: music's link with the eternal

    I love Coldplay for many reasons. Something about their music resonates deeply with me. I have often said they are the secular version of the band 'Jars of Clay' for this generation.

  • Islamism - last week’s alert  

    Last week, yes, only last week, there were several commentaries on the ugly side of Islamist scourge and the current fear of a resurgence.

  • House hunting

    Everyone wants a house to live in, a place to be sheltered from the elements, a place to share with loved ones, a place to make memories, a place to be with family or even make a family.

  • The wind and the waves

    Jesus, the Lover of my soul, the One who’s in control when all the world fails me. Jesus, the One who draws me near, whose voice I long to hear; the One who is with me.

  • Faith on the frontlines of secular Australia

    We are called to live out our faith in whatever public arena we’re involved in; an uncovered light amongst those who don’t know God.

  • Step into the light

    What are we like under pressure, when there is nowhere to hide? Are we the same whether or not the spotlight of ...


    Bushland suburbs in the foothills of Mt Wellington (Hobart) are cleaning up after a near-cyclonic windstorm over several days last week. The sound of chainsaws and trucks with mulchers was heard everywhere during the calmer days of the weekend.

  • The art of the politic

    Engaging in some research from a previous article, I found this piece from some years ago how playing politics 'can be identified'.

  • Australian Federal Election 2022 – Does my vote matter?

    With the announcement of an Australian Federal election for May 21, we are coming to the end of another long, drawn out, media driven campaign.

  • Bite-size news of persecution from around the world

    In this article I will draw to your attention many snippets of persecution and points for prayer from around the world.

  • The Great Reversal

    Why is it that the most difficult part of Easter is Good Friday, when the climax of the undivided Easter event is the resurrection? I still find, usually elderly and devout believers, feeling bad about Good Friday, and I can still recall my mother’s refusal to wash clothes that day.