Manchester City CHAMPIONS!

Manchester City CHAMPIONS!

On a dramatic final day of the Premier League season – Manchester City have re-enacted their heroics of the past. Man City came from 2-0 down to win 3-2 at home to Aston Villa. All goals scored in the last 20 minutes to lift the premiership for the 4th time in 5 years..

  • Eurovision: Too Great an Opportunity

    As an artist you will have times when you have to create within a defined framework. This could be a commission or a contest with a theme. Honestly, broad boundaries can aid the creative effort. Then there is the weight of Eurovision.

  • Thanks, Ump.

    There always seems to be some topic causing ructions amongst fans and on the sports commentary talking head circuit. Everyone seems to have something to say about it, their own two cents to chuck in, so why shouldn’t I have my say?

  • Do sporting Boycotts work?

    See if you can correctly answer these questions: Why did countries boycott the 1980 Olympics?

  • Surfing Failures 

    Recently I was on a school camp with high school students. This was their year-level camp, and part of my role on camp was to teach them how to surf. 

  • Embracing the Overdog

    I’ve always been a sucker for an underdog for as long as I can remember. Show me someone or something that is behind the eight ball, or battling against the odds, and I am all over it.

  • Got Skin In The Game

    I recently told a friend that the IPL does not interest me at all. My actual words were. “I have no skin in the game.” IPL is big for my friend because there is a team from his home town. I understand that, especially when it comes to the AFL.

  • Patience - 100 metre sprint – “Set” – “Pistol”

    Every top notch 100 metre sprinter will vouch time immemorial that ‘patience’ is the critical factor for those milliseconds between the Starter saying “Set” to when the Starter’s pistol is fired.

  • Inspiration: Halo Man

    Need some inspiration? Then this is it. True champions find a way to succeed despite the challenges they face. They can often pivot from one goal to another when troubles strike. Tim Don’s story epitomises this comeback motif.

  • The Barty Party is over

    Wednesday 23rd March 2022 will be a day to remember for so many, Ash Barty being one of them. The Tennis Champion, ranked number 1 in the World announced her retirement from the sport. This was a huge shock for so many, but to Barty, and her coach Craig Tyzzer, it never was a shock. 

  • Suns rise in the West

    The first round of AFL is done. Eight games over five days. Crowds were down. But you could still go to a game if wanted to. Though the only way to watch them all was on the introduced animal network. Which I did, with the exception of one.

  • Liverpool continue to fire!

    With the Champions League in full flow, the Premiership had many midweek fixtures to complete the backlog before the upcoming International break. With games coming thick and fast, rotation has been key as clubs struggle with injury and illness.