The god of Victory

The god of Victory

Few would have guessed that a hard-working business graduate and his track coach would start a company with $1000 back in 1972..

  • Much Ado about Mankad

    It seems like every cricket series of late has involved some sort of controversy around the term “Mankading”, with terms like “just not cricket”, “unsportsmanlike”, and even “cheating” thrown about with abandon under over overly dramatic headlines. Now, the casual cricket watching may be asking what exactly is Mankading?

  • Where’s Novak? Winning!

    Were you watching the Tennis? Well, the new Mens Doubles winners were Australian. Last years Mens Doubles winners were home grown too. Kokkinakis and Kyrios, they got bundled out early. Hijikata and Kubler they won the final 6-4, 7-6.

  • Gunners 9 points clear!!

    Arsenal’s fantastic form has continued since the world cup break, this week defeating Spurs away in a heated London Derby. The gunners had the chance to capitalize on United upsetting City and had to chance to go further ahead but needed to defeat Spurs who are chasing the Champions league.

  • World Cup 2022: Destiny Achieved

    Futbol, THE World Game, has an amazing ability for matches to never be won, until they are. This match looked for all watching to be won by Argentina 2-0. Nope.

  • Messi’s World Cup Destiny?

    When asked about the 2022 World Cup Argentinian Fans have had the same reply “It’s Messi’s World Cup.” There is hardly a mention of the nation, just the one man who deserves to win it. Now the final game sits there on the horizon and Lionel Messi is almost there. Almost.

  • World Cup Football & Politics

    The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been a honeypot for protests. Our Australian Socceroos started the ball rolling early with a video calling out the Muslim nation over human rights abuses.

  • More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

    By the time you are reading these words, the ICC Twenty20 World Cup will be old news, the voracious appetite of the money-making machine that is world cricket ensuring that the conveyor belt of matches continues to move without a hitch or interruption—the moment one spectacle finishes another is starting. 

  • 2022 T20 World Cup: A few thoughts

    Did most Australian cricket fans decide not to turn up to the T20 World Cup? Yes the many local Indian and Pakistani supporters totally turned up to their games. However, for an international tournament the turnout at Australian games was kind of low.

  • Local Cricket versus Flooding Rains

    Its Saturday the third round of cricket for our local cricket club the Lions is washed out. Upstairs in the Sports Bar its getting a bit loud.

  • Gunners remain on top!

    Arsenal’s dream start to the season continued on Sunday with a hard fought 3-1 win at home to Liverpool. This was another huge test for Arsenal who have only lost 1 match all season in the league after 9 appearances and their toughest match yet after beating Spurs last Saturday.

  • Converting Melbourne’s Lockdown’s Woe?

    Lockdown ended last year and slowly familiar signs and sounds of Melbourne have returned. The emotional scars of lockdown will reverberate for many years.