Of potions and spells

Of potions and spells

Understanding the influence of traditional healers in Africa.

  • 2021 young writer program kick-starts today

    The 2021 young writer program published by Christian Today and coordinated by Press Service International kick-starts today after a two week holiday break

  • Christian Today Sport Writers met on Zoom

    The 2021 Christian Today sport writers met yesterday (Wednesday 13 January) on Zoom to meet the newest sport writer Melbourne’s Kelly Thompson and discuss the year ahead.

  • Heroes of the faith

    Who are heroes of the faith? I can name two. There are oodles of people such as these two who might be referred to as such. In my life time these are two of them.

  • New Year for Well-Being Australia

    1 January 2021 spells out a new year for Well-Being Australia and this would be a good idea for a new year article.

  • Hear my cry

    A quick turn of the knob and the pot starts heating up. A few seconds of luxury, completely taken for granted. Somewhere in Ethiopia a mother is also heating up a pot for her family with fire created from wood, leaves, animal dung and crop residues.

  • Big year for sport writers

    2020 has been a remarkable year for the Christian Today sport writers – it is time we recognised this.

  • Bursting with Joy

    The Meru North Hope Mission 2020, organised by African Enterprise Kenya in partnership with Meru North Churches started off on Saturday, 17th October 2020.

  • Great year for the young writers

    Some remarkable things happened this year for the young writers.

  • Summer of 3 mission respite facilities

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions is celebrating at the end of 2020 as one of ‘three facilities’.

  • Africa Enterprise Ministry Update and Prayer Points

    We look back at May, June and July with awe and wonder as God has enabled African Enterprise to do so much in our communities.

  • International young writers 

    In 2021 the International young writers who have been standing alone in operations for the past three years finally become independent from Press Service International.