Evangelism and sport

Evangelism and sport

Over the 18 years I developed Australia's sports ministry from 1982-2000 – known then as the Sports and Leisure Ministry and since 2005 as Sports Chaplaincy Australia, in parallel with the chaplaincy to top sport, so too I encouraged Christian athletes..

  • Mission Impact 2021

    The life-changing impact of our missions continued across Africa in 2021. We conducted 11 missions that were able to provide essential opportunities to preach the Gospel to the unreached.

  • A big deal  -  Best Articles

    The Press Service International young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today has a major awards feature at its annual conference, that of Best Articles of each young writer.

  • Two good paths on offer

    Recently I wrote to a young man suggesting he might prayerfully consider a ministry opportunity that if handled in the right way, would provide him remarkable evangelism, especially within the area of his interest.

  • Pan African Mission prayer points – Lusaka

    We are celebrating our 60th anniversary this year. What a significant time to look back at the amazing stories of evangelism in the cities of Africa.

  • Laguna Quays Respite one of three  

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions has already set the scene with two other sister missions respite facilities..

  • Trauma Healing Program – South Sudan

    Our new initiative is well under way in South Sudan after launching at the end of 2021. The “Improved Literacy through Trauma Healing & Peace Education” program has been specifically designed to help children overcome trauma so they can go on to lead healthy, productive lives.

  • ‘Comment Writing’ guidelines for young writers

    Last week final approved was given for the document on Comment writing and distributed to all within in the young writer program.

  • Ideas

    The Press Service International young writer program philosophy is to convey their 'Voice' into the marketplace of ideas with university standard English a secondary consideration. This has now been endorsed by the latest philosophy in communicating to our current fresh generations.

  • The development of The Lausanne Covenant

    The Lausanne Covenant, certainly one of the great faith statements in the whole history of the Church, was the outcome of the first congress on World Evangelisation in Lausanne in 1974.

  • Footplate Padre – 1000 words a minute

    The Footplate Padre has written sixteen books on railways, more specifically, train driver's anecdotes, and these books served a niche market in the 1980's and 1990's

  • Young Writers ‘BEST’ article

    At the end of Cycle 5 in July, the half way point of the 2022 Press Service International (PSI) young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today, each young writer selects their ‘BEST’ article.