Table tennis table to CYC – 75th anniversary

Table tennis table to CYC – 75th anniversary

CYC Burleigh (Gold Coast) in 2022 is celebrating their 75th anniversary and it was befitting to donate the 30 year pre-loved Well-Being Australia table tennis table..

  • The Bible in NZ

    This article features New Zealanders and the Bible.

  • Laguna Quays Respite in Winter   

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions booked in winter.

  • Family Fellowship Born through HBE

    COVID-19 shook pastoral ministry in Rwanda following frequent lockdowns and different restrictions that limited religious gatherings and fellowships.

  • Another Household ‘Prayer Room’

    Prayer Rooms have been part of the Christian movement for centuries. The Eastern and Western monastic movements ‘prayer rooms’ were simply part of the furniture (as it were) as well as Castles, Estates and Royal Palaces.

  • Praying ladies

    45 five years ago when my wife Delma and I established our Christian ministry the first thing we arranged were five ladies willing to hold up our family and ministry in prayer on a daily basis.

  • Rev Bob Thomas -  Mission Writer

    The highly distinguished evangelical editor the Rev Bob Thomas, retired from New Life evangelical fortnightly magazine, has become one of Press Service International’s ‘mission writers’.

  • Young writer annual awards remembered

    My high school from the 1960s has a plaque with the names of each year’s the Dux students. My elder brother’s name is on that plaque. I do not know whether my eldest daughter’s name is listed on a plaque as Dux of UNE Law way back in 1999.

  • Tim Wilson, editor international senior writers

    Rev Tim Wilson has agreed to be the inaugural editor of the Press Service International’s “senior writers”.

  • David Goodwin  -  young writer’s ARPA rep.

    David Goodwin is now representing the young writer ministry at the ‘Australasian Religious Press Association’ (ARPA) meetings (on Zoom).

  • Overcoming challenges as seen in the experiences of Festo Kivengere in Uganda (I love Idi Amin)

    In the time and reign of Idi Amin in Uganda (1971 – 1979), the challenges to Bishop Festo Kivengere (AE East African Team Leader and Co- Leader with Michael of AE) and the churches other Bishops were immense and frightening.

  • Reducing the Email footprint

    The young writer ministry  -  Press Service International  -  (PSI)  -  initiated in 2009 with young people published in Christian Today  -  found itself in a quandary.