Gavin Lawrie

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Gavin Lawrie is a retired Barrister and Solicitor from Tweed Heads NSW Australia and author of the book: 'THE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION: Uncovering The Faulty Science Of Dawkins' Attack On Creationism'. He is married to Jan with two adult children and they are grandparents.

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  • There are many Dave’s in the world.

  • Silent witness of the heart

    I arrived home to recover from open-heart surgery. It’s been said we have a very weak grip on life being only ever one ...

  • Mistaking glitter for gold

  • Snatched from the fire

    Upon receiving a surprise request from his previously unknown (to me) daughter Judy, I visited Alistair in the nursing home where he had apparently resided for some months. He was 94 years of age.

  • He just won’t read it

    My father used to say: ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. You can lead a fool to knowledge but you can’t make him think.’

  • Silent witness of the gizzard

    We now have some beautiful rosellas feeding in our backyard. They have them too.

  • Somewhere between…

    Before COVID 19 shut it down my wife and I attended a social dance at which American Country Music song ‘Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine’ (a love song - not Christian) was performed.

  • Over 97 years

    Helen passed the 97th anniversary of her birth and then changed her address.

  • Why did God allow this to happen to us?

    The Christmas card read: “In a moment…everything changed”. Down through the centuries worldwide this has been acknowledged by billions of Christians.

  • Pride drives it out

    My wife said: ‘you did a good job cleaning up the side’. A great uplifting compliment of recognition and appreciation.