Gavin Lawrie

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Gavin Lawrie is a retired Barrister and Solicitor from Tweed Heads NSW Australia and author of the book: 'THE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION: Uncovering The Faulty Science Of Dawkins' Attack On Creationism'. He is married to Jan with two adult children and they are grandparents.

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  • Insights and wisdom

    Rev. Tim Keller’s story: In the 1980s he moved with wife and three young sons to Manhattan, New York “to begin a new church for a largely non-churchgoing population…being told it was a fool’s errand.

  • How Deep the Father’s Love for Us…

    Somewhat morbidly perhaps, I sat down to type into a computer folder the songs and Bible verses I had in mind for my…funeral. 

  • The final curtain

    In the WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN (newspaper) Magazine of 24-25 June 2023 at p66 appears the article by social commentator Phillip Adams entitled ‘The Final Curtain’.

  • An eternity of consequence

    A seventeen year old Aussie youth died suddenly of a stroke.  A forty-something year old wife and mother stabbed to death in her own home during a robbery gone wrong.

  • A new creation

    This unexpected strange effect came upon me (which started slowly) forty seven years ago. It has changed me over time, involving the emergence of a vastly different worldview which commenced without request or me consciously doing anything to provoke it into being, starting when I was about twenty eight years of age.

  • Who’s out-of-step here?

    In the WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN newspaper Magazine of 5-6 November 2022 is the article by Nikki Gemmell entitled: Losing their religion (p11).

  • Is anyone in control?

    We were attending a Bible study home group when the question arose whether there was anyone in control of the world/society. Or was it spiralling out of control because it did not have and did not recognise a ‘captain’ who had the right to exercise ultimate control, be deferred to, command respect and obedience?

  • Silent witness of the senses

    If we are fortunate enough to be able-bodied in each of these areas, then general living can be very satisfying and fulfilling.

  • The reputation we leave behind

    His character flaws were legendary: his legacy was extraordinary.

  • From a distance

    It’s been said that a country can be evaluated in various ways: by the way it treats its children, its elderly, its animals and its prisoners. And of course, by the way it treats its people.