Jared Diprose

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Jared Diprose is a graduate from Carey Baptist College in New Zealand. He has been a youth pastor, and currently is working as a freelance contractor. He and his wife Sierra live in Auckland.

  • Our practical desires from the Lord

    What are our desires from the Lord? I will never forget the time that I was in Goa, on the west coast of India. I had taken a train there which is a story in itself. I arrived at this beach that I think was called Colva. It was quite a pretty beach and there were many western tourists there, not many of them were very friendly though.

  • The Idea of Genius

    Those who experience creative flow are remarkable. Something that writers would call the opposite of "writers block". People get this feeling from time to time, usually when they are doing something that involves an element of creativity. I have experienced this doing a number of things; writing, thinking, making surfboards and various other projects.

  • The considerings in quitting

    Have you ever thought – I just want to quit.

  • Competing desires circle my soul

    Competing desires circle my soul

  • Panning for gold with Donald

    I have wanted to go panning for gold for a long time, for some reason it was just something that I wanted to do.

  • River evacuation

    The other day some friends of mine got together and we paddled down the Whanganui River on canoes.

  • How to talk to the ladies

    Hey there, hope you are all doing well! As I mentioned in my last article, this year I am making a video every week.

  • Male mental health

    Happy New Year! If you have read any of my articles you will discover that this one is a little different.

  • Why I write

    I have been writing for Press Service International for coming up five years now—that’s a fair few articles. I have enjoyed the heights of bewildering numbers reading my articles, and also of the opposite happening.

  • Unusual gifts

    Last week I got given a gift that was pretty cool, in fact it was out of the ordinary. It was the kind of gift that blows you away.