Joseph Kolapudi

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  • Blessings in Disguise

    Do you ever find yourself in a moment in time when you don’t know what on earth is going on? I don’t mean that in a condescending way; but rather, in relation to your circumstances or surroundings, have you ever found yourself wondering how you got there? And how do you figure out what you do from there? It’s a tough set of questions to answer; but are definitely worth asking.

  • Time to Ponder

    When was the last time you just sat there and did nothing? It seems like a foolhardy question but humour me.

  • Deliberating in the Diaspora — Identifying as a South Asian Australian

    Growing up South Asian, specifically to South Indian parents, meant that my upbringing looked a lot different than your typical Australian household. Unlike most other young folk my age, the home was a place of discipline, not a free-for-all.

  • Finding your Voice

    Often, in the midst of the uncertainty of life, we find it difficult to comprehend where we seem to be heading. I, for one, definitely feel the weight of pressure: the pressure to conform to what people in society want me to be; how those close to me wish I could be; and how I even dream of becoming something entirely different than my present state of being.

  • The Finals

    I often wonder what life would be like if I tried something completely out of the ordinary.

  • Dare to Accomplish

    When contemplating the future from the present, it is difficult to imagine what lies ahead, despite the fact that we all plan ahead. From recent memory, I recall that finding a way to understand what our purpose is can actually help in this regard.

  • Hope through Pain

    Life’s struggles can sometimes seem overwhelming, and especially when we don’t see an end to suffering. The recent turn of events in our world is evidence enough to that end, and we can feel hopeless and vulnerable when we know not how to respond.

  • First foot forward

    Contemplating life’s many journeys comes with the benefit of hindsight; but for many, it can be an unprecedented journey that ends up in places where one least expects.

  • Need of the hour 

    Have you ever thought about the moments in life where you have felt the most alive? We often catch ourselves looking back in order to look forward - in a sense, our past is either a springboard or a sinkhole by which we measure our lives and who we have become. But the moment we realise who we are meant to be can be the real moment that defines us.

  • Winning the prize (PSI Young Writers Best of 2018)

    Lasting memories often have the ability to stick in our minds beyond what we can foresee, especially when we begin to think about the future and what our most memorable moments might be as we grow older.