Josh Robbie

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Joshua Robbie is currently serving the Lord under Pastors Ronnie and Shirley Naidoo of KZN Celebration Centre in Tongaat South Africa. He and His wife Rene’ moved from Australia to South Africa in April 2016. Their desire is to help in whatever way they can so that the church can become all that God has purposed her to be. Josh is a painter by trade and also enjoys sports such as surfing, basketball and boxing. He has also written a book, now available for purchase on Amazon called: “Your Father sees: Living the sermon on the mount”.Josh Robbie previous articles may be viewed

  • Revelation road trip

    The end is near, signs are everywhere, and with each new hour more appear, showing that we are further from our starting point and closer to our destination. We must pay close attention to the time and keep going.

  • Peace and safety, peas and carrots

    Peace and safety are not synonymous terms, nor do they go together like peas and carrots. It appears to me that our modern age possesses a perception that humanity cannot have peace unless security under every possible scenario is guaranteed.

  • Advice for travellers

    After six and a half months in Australia, once again separated from my wife due to the pandemic, I managed, on Christmas day, to return to South Africa…and I am stuck here again.

  • The United Nations Drive for Data

    We live in a data driven world. This has a tremendous effect on the way societies are now governed and steered. Understandably governments are always on the hunt for more information and resource through which they can implement strategies for the progress of their nation.

  • Christmas cheer

    Christmas time really is the most wonderful time of the year. \'Tis the season to be jolly, eat a little too much, drink a little too much, party, have fun and enjoy yourself, and why not? We have good reason to be happy.

  • Hypocrite or Heir?

    The world has fallen on hard times. People are feeling low. Pressure and uncertainty are all around. Overcoming is not easy.

  • Fools no more

  • Is Jesus the answer?

    When you claim to know the pre-determined answer, then, no matter what questions are fired your way, your position will always be defensive. The phrase ‘Jesus is the answer’ is often used by Christians as both an advertising slogan and go-to answer for all of humanities problems.

  • Stay Positive, That’s What the Cult Wants

    Positivity is not the be all and end all to humanities problems. There are times when reality must be embraced at the expense of our happiness. Solutions need correct assessments, and correct assessments cannot be made under false pretences of ideological ignorance.

  • State of the Chain Gang

    The more noise and hysteria that is made about the 2020 pandemic, the more that which has been drowning in the depths begins to clamour for the surface.