Josh Robbie

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Joshua Robbie is currently serving the Lord under Pastors Ronnie and Shirley Naidoo of KZN Celebration Centre in Tongaat South Africa. He and His wife Rene’ moved from Australia to South Africa in April 2016. Their desire is to help in whatever way they can so that the church can become all that God has purposed her to be. Josh is a painter by trade and also enjoys sports such as surfing, basketball and boxing. He has also written a book, now available for purchase on Amazon called: “Your Father sees: Living the sermon on the mount”.Josh Robbie previous articles may be viewed

  • House hunting

    Everyone wants a house to live in, a place to be sheltered from the elements, a place to share with loved ones, a place to make memories, a place to be with family or even make a family.

  • Paradise lost on half-wits

    Have you ever heard stories about someone receiving a brand-new car from their parents as a gift for getting their licence…only to total it in a wreck soon after?

  • Embracing the human God

    The human heart is always yearning for the invisible God to be made visible. We imagine that God will make more sense and his ways become easier to follow if God would only remove the veil of spiritual mystery and make himself known to our physical receptors.

  • The Power of the Dog

  • Revelation road trip

    The end is near, signs are everywhere, and with each new hour more appear, showing that we are further from our starting point and closer to our destination. We must pay close attention to the time and keep going.

  • The unexpired voice

  • Crashing the security Network

    It could be said that culture is that which we formulate in order for us to function with a sense of security and safety. Even within a multicultural society few people dare to fellowship deeply with those born of different race or culture. Just as we fence our homes, we have our mental fences built within.

  • Descending into glory

    In church, we often get excited by revivalist-style leaders. Many young ministers believe they are on a mission to transform the church. They have a vision of the future and potential of the flock, and they want to see the whole church change right now!

  • Advice for life

    I have decided to give all my readers some advice. I am not all that old, so for some, my advice may seem obvious. Hopefully, I am just old enough for it to not sound naïve.

  • The New Cult

    Assumption of mass impurity and contagion is the basis upon which virtually all cult and ritual systems are built.