Laura Rose Brown-Thomas

Press Services International

I am a Young Salvationist who lives in Upper Hutt, Wellington. I am passionate about enhancing the life experiences of others and do this in my paid employment as a Support worker for those with Intellectual Disabilities  and as a volunteer leader for GirlGuiding New Zealand. I love to create, write and travel the world and have a passion for submerging myself in the cultures of each place I travel. I left my heart in Africa a month before Covid sent the world into lockdown and I cannot wait to be able to return and serve in a continent that stole so much of my heart. 

  • A love for creating

    I’m one who likes to make an effort, I like to be a little over the top and I am all for meaningful and creative measures.

  • “Overwhelm”

    The season I find myself in as I write this article in the eleventh hour is a season of overwhelm. It’s not one I would normally admit to, but as I sit in this space it’s the only word I can use to adequately describe how I’m feeling without using a hundred feeling descriptions.

  • Creativity fuels my love language.

    One of my greatest love languages is gifts, and one of my favourite things and something I would claim I am good at is envisioning and pulling together a unique and meaningful gift for people in my life.

  • “All encompassing and loving”

    The greatest hug to wrap and encompass us in our life on earth truly is the love of God, no matter whether we are near or far, sinning or praising...

  • “I wrote a book….”

    When I came home from my time abroad volunteering at an orphanage, I began compiling my lessons, experiences and memories into a book. A compilation of blogs, poetry, lessons and most importantly images that hold memories of my precious ones I came to love deeply.

  • Lessons in my reflections- part 2

    My heart cannot adequately articulate the great love and joy I have encountered this past year. From a closed book who hid behind a mask, who suppressed everything that came into her mind and world, to someone who can turn to those around her who have stood beside her and shown her just how loved and supported she is.

  • The art of making clothes

    When I started sewing again people told me that I would feel such gratification from making my own clothes but I didn’t believe them. I get so much joy from seeing other people and the little ones in my life wearing the things I’ve made.

  • “Lessons in my reflections- Part 1”

    As I write this I’m in the few days prior to what will be 2 years since I returned home from an amazing experience and season in my life volunteering at a Children’s home in South Africa- TLC.

  • “Art of floristry”

  • The sun’ll come out tomorrow